SSG Douglas Shaffer

SSG Douglas Shaffer

Dates of Service: 1978 - 2000
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  • PVT Aug 78
  • PV2 79
  • PFC 79
  • SPC 80
  • SGT 86
  • SSG 90

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Retired My Grandfather was one of the first "Devil Dogs" in WW I. My Great Uncle fought in Korea "The Chosen Frozen." My Dad was a Marine for 22 Years, toured in Vietnam. All of them were Marines. I joined the Army and my Dad asked why "Dad I have seen everywhere the Marines are stationed. I want to see something different" His reply "Good enough for me."

Military Experiences

1980 - 1981
1979 - 1980
PFC E-3 Rifleman
Overseas assignments; 1 year in Korea 2 years in Panama 7 years in Germany

Military Credentials

Professional Development Schools

Started in 1986

Basic Non-Commision Officer Course

Started in 1984

Individual & Special Skill Schools

Started in 1992

Started in 1988

Foreign Language Skills


German (2+/1)


Spanish (1+/1)

Security Clearance
None / Expired

Personal Information

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