SGT Jimmy Moon

SGT Jimmy Moon

Dates of Service: Jun 1976 - Jun 1980
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(4 years, 3 months)
Apr 1979 - Jun 1980
Ft. Bragg, Fayetteville,NC
I was stationed at Ft. Bragg in the 8th Ordnance Motor pool.
Oct 1976 - Apr 1979
Neckersulm, Germany
I was in Service Battery, 3/84th Field Artillery. I worked in the motor pool. Location was Artillerie Kaserne, Neckarsulm, West Germany. My MOS was 63B, Wheel Vehicle Mechanic.
Jun 1976 - Oct 1976
Fort Jackson SC
I took basic at Ft. Jackson, SC. I was on Tank Hill in Delta 1-1. Likewise, I also had AIT at Fort Jackson.