1LT Larry Bass

1LT Larry Bass

Dates of Service: Jun 1975 - Oct 2000
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  • AB Jun 75
  • Amn Dec 75
  • A1C Apr 76
  • SrA Apr 78
  • SSG Jul 88
  • 2LT Aug 89
  • 1LT Aug 92
Commissioning Source:  OCS, Aug 1989

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Enlisted USAF '75; Saved/BAC > 2/24/1978; NCARNG OCS '89; Army IERW '92; turned down promo to CPT twice due to 'no degree'; Retired NCARNG '00; Finished BS-degree after retiring; had a couple years civilian break & retired with 12yrs enlisted svc. & 11yrs comm officer; Goal as an officer? Earn Army AV8R wings, & accomplished it! J6DC vet. On social media (except FakeBook & Twitter) @RunTheRace78

Military Experiences

Sep 1995 - Oct 2000
Aviation Platoon Leader
I was initially assigned to the Aviation Group @ Kinston, NC, serving as a Liaison Officer (15B). I quickly slithered myself into a Production Control (15D) & Platoon Leader position with the actively flying UH-1 aviators in Salisbury, NC. In 1997 I attended the UH-60 transition course @ Rucker. I retired in October of 2000, with 23 years of total service time (for pay purposes). Having never been deployed out of the states, my most rewarding flying duty was within the state of NC, following the hurricanes (Dennis & Floyd - 2-weeks apart) that ravaged the eastern part of NC.
Oct 1992 - Oct 1995
Aviation Maintenance Officer
Although this unit (an Airfield Command Detachment) did not have copters nor flight hours (we flew the sim @ Ft. Belvoir, VA), I returned to the unit because of the great folks I had worked with, and I was grateful to the Commander of the unit for facilitating my attendance at flight school. This unit was the "best kept secret" in the US Army! However, I eventually grew hungry to fly something other than a Huey simulator, and decided to transfer back to the NCARNG, so that I could continue flying (back in the saddle).
Sep 1991 - Sep 1992
RW Student Pilot
Completed Initial Entry Rotary Wing (IERW) training in the UH-1H; Tested for FAA Commercial Pilot - Helicopter - Instrument. I was already a FW instrumented-rated civilian pilot when I arrived at Mother Rucker. The IERW course was followed by Aviation OBC, also at Rucker. I had been furloughed from an airline A&P mechanic position on the same day that I received my AD orders for Army Flight School. Now THAT was a blessing from God! Upon finishing my OBC, I was able to return to the airline as a mechanic, and returned to my USAR unit @ Blackstone AAF.
Dec 1989 - Sep 1991
Aviation Safety Officer
The NCARNG would not send me to flight school after commissioning due my age (30). However I located a USAR unit in VA (Blackstone AAF) that had an open Aviator slot, and they took me under their wings. Our unit was detached from 2174th USAG, Salem, VA. I waited nearly 2 years for an "exception to policy" (age waiver), and finally received AD orders to attend the IERW course at Ft. Rucker in August (approx.) of '91.

Military Credentials

Professional Development Schools

Sep 1991 - Sep 1992

US Army Flight School (IERW), and AOBC

Apr 1977 - Apr 1978

USAF NCO Orientation Course

Aug 1975 - Dec 1975

USAF Cryptologic School

Additional Specialization(s)
Security Clearance
Top Secret/SCI or higher

Academic Degrees

Academic Degrees

2003 - 2005

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Higher Education

Bachelors Degree, Aeronautics