SFC Dr. Joseph Finck, BS, MA, DSS

SFC Dr. Joseph Finck, BS, MA, DSS

Dates of Service: Apr 1991 - May 2014
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  • LCpl Feb 84
  • Cpl Mar 85
  • Sgt Apr 86
  • PFC Apr 99
  • SPC Apr 99
  • SGT Sep 02
  • SSG Aug 04
  • SFC Oct 07


SFC Finck USA (Ret) served as USACIDC Special Agent, Chief of Investigative Support, and Detachment First Sergeant and as Team Sergeant and Battalion Operations Sergeant for an Information Operations Battalion. He also served as an Infantry noncommissioned officer and as a Senior Human Resources Sergeant. SFC Finck is Currently employed by the U.S. Department of Defense in Alexandria, VA.