MSgt Fred Gondzar

MSgt Fred Gondzar

Dates of Service: Sep 1966 - Oct 1986
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Military Experiences

Sep 1966 - Oct 1986
Missile Maintenance
After basic training, I was stationed at Chanute, AFB, IL for a 9 mo. missile electronics course. Then to Ellsworth AFB, SD where I was a member of a Combat Targeting Team. After 3 years, I was transferred to Vandenberg, AFB, CA and spent 1.5 yrs on a refurbishment team, fixing up missile silos after Minuteman Missile launches. Then to F.E. Warren AFB, WY for about 14 yrs, worked missile maintenance. I also worked in Training Control and in Safety. Then to Davis Monthan, AFB in AZ for 5 mo. of training on the GLCM system, and then to Comiso AS, in Sicily, Italy for a yr. After that, back to F.E. Warren AFB. In Q/A until I retired in Oct 1986.


(1 year, 1 month)
Sep 1984 - Sep 1985
In support of the Ground Launched Cruise Missile system.

Military Credentials

Professional Development Schools

Ended in Dec 1980

SAC NCO Academy, Class 81 B

Ended in Sep 1978

15th AF NCO Leadership School

Individual & Special Skill Schools

Oct 1966 - Jul 1967

Minuteman Missile System Electronics Training

Security Clearance
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