MAJ Robert (Bob) Petrarca

MAJ Robert (Bob) Petrarca

Dates of Service: Nov 1988 - Apr 2009
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  • SGT Nov 88
  • 2LT May 89
  • 1LT May 92
  • CPT Sep 95
  • MAJ Nov 05
Commissioning Source:  ROTC, May 1989

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ROTC commission out of the University of RI and Signal Officer by choice. Spent 3 yrs on active duty before returning home to the RI National Guard. Served as J6 plans officer at GTMO and reached my pinnacle as a Bde S6 deployed to Iraq. Loved every minute of my career and would do it again, any time, any where. Not much to tell, lovely wife, 2 sons and a daughter all whom I love dearly. A computer geek since I could crawl, Star Trek fan since I can remember and a 12" military action figure collector - GI Joe is no longer alone in that market. BSA adult scouter wearing many hats, member of the town CERT team and newly minted HAM - KC1BRW

Military Experiences

Mar 2001 - Apr 2009
43rd MP BDE
Brigade Communications Officer (S-6)
The pinnacle of my career. There was a lot activity in the Guard coming on line with AD systems like LCMS, PLGRs, ACES, etc. and being one of the few "geeks" in the state I got to attend a lot of additional schools and courses to learn the new stuff in order to pass it down the chain. Not much action with only one Bn in the Brigade but once the GTMO mission hit we were off and running. Then we got sent to Iraq and I really got to see if the rubber hit the road as a full fledged S-6 with 5 Bns to support and a Corps and TF to report to. Was happy to see that all my training paid off at the big dance.
Apr 1994 - Apr 2009
43rd MP BDE
Sep 1997 - Mar 2001
118th MP
HHD Commander
Got my command time by being the battalion commander's bus driver. Had 3 BCs shot out from under me before my tenure was up. Being it was one of the only Bn commands in the state all the LTCs needed to get in there to get their command time. Great experience as each BC was different. Tough job as an HD/HHC commander as you have little autonomy - like I said you drive a bus - making sure all the Os have their APFT, Marksmanship and other boxes checked while trying to corral all the sections into doing the same while insuring the wrenches are turning and the paperwork is being processed in a timely, efficient, military manner. Loved almost every minute of it!
Sep 1995 - Sep 1997
118th MP
Battalion Communications Officer (S6)
Finally, doing the job I was trained for! got 3 great ATs under my belt including Operation Joint Patriot - (a.k.a. Operation Joint Charles Foxtrot) one of the last ATs where we got all the units in the state together for a joint exercise.


(3 years, 3 months)
Oct 2005 - Oct 2006
Iraq ribbon
Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF)
Brigade S-6, 43rd MP Bde, RIARNG. My Rachmaninoff's third. In charge of all comm systems supporting theater detention ops and our HQ. Had the best team any O could ask for and a great command environment. The 43rd MP Bde built Camp Cropper 2 in order to cease detainee operations at and close Abu Ghraib. It's only a footnote, but we ended the mess.
May 2002 - Jan 2003
Afghanistan ribbon
Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) - Afghanistan
Guantanamo Bay, Cuba TF-160/TF-Guantanamo J6 Future Plans Officer. Responsible for planning comms network expansion as new camps were added to the detention system along with expanding and hardening JTF assets. BTW don't but heads with any of those 3 letter gov agencies even when those bandwith sucking pigs steal your comm closet and duct space.
Dec 1992 - Mar 1993
Operation Restore Hope (Somalia)
ARFOR G-6 Staff Officer, 10th Signal Bn, 10th Mountain Division. Primary "go-fer" for the ARFOR G-6. Actually not a bad job. I was the front man in getting all the phones and network systems laid in and the 1-man help desk until the rest of the crew arrived. Had the great opportunity of working with a Marine commo Warant and his crew.
May 1991 - May 1992
South korea
South Korea
S-6 for 1/506th INF Bn - the most forward deployed Infantry Bn in the US Army

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