SSgt James Howerton

SSgt James Howerton

Dates of Service: Jun 1977 - Jul 1990
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I served 12 yrs in the Marines before being medically retired. I was working on my college degree while on AD but didn't finish my Bachelor's degree. I had planned to do 20 yrs, retire, then enter the SNCO HS ROTC program and also teach English. But you know what they say about the plans of mice and men. All in all, though, I'm extremely grateful I was in the Corps when my injuries occurred. Born into a military family. Dad joined the Army in 1939 at age 17 (lied about his age to get in). He transitioned into Army Air Corps in 1941 after Pearl Harbor. Became a bomber pilot and flew combat missions through WWII, Korea and Vietnam. Killed in car accident in 1968 while still on AD. Brother served in the AF during 'Nam, later transitioned into the Navy, which he retired from. I joined the Corps after a year of college after HS.

Military Experiences

Jul 1986 - Jan 1990
Aviation Operations Chief
Promoted to Staff Sergeant (E-6) during this tour. Was the Ops Chief for MATSG. Had other Aviation Ops personnel working at the Squadron level as this was a Training Support Group (HQ) for a Marine Corps Squadron that flew EA-6B Prowlers. Was the unit Training SNCO, the Physical Fitness Training SNCO, and the Military History and Traditions SNCO. A back injury, that originally occurred in boot camp, ruptured for approximately the 8th or 9th time and required surgery. Didn't quite work out for me and I was put on the TDRL until July 1993, when I was formally retired from active duty.
Jul 1984 - Jun 1986
Aviation Operations Specialist
Promoted to Sergeant (E-5) during this tour. Senior Ops Specialist (glorified clerk). Same duties as former tours and added NATOPS, Safety, and Training NCO.
Jun 1982 - Jun 1984
Aviation Operations Specialist
Got out after my first tour of duty, should have stayed in and taken Sergeant. Stoopid. Got married and decided to go back into the service with a loss of all Time in Grade. I first went to the Air Force Recruiter to see if I could become an Air Traffic Controller (ATC) so I'd have a marketable skill when I got back out. Since I had already taken the ASVAB and had a GTC of 130, all I had to do was take another test for the AF to see if I could qualify for ATC. I passed the test and then the Recruiter told me there was a 6 month waiting list to get in, so I went back into the Corps instead. Attended SACO (Substance Abuse Control Officer) course during this tour, watched guys pee in cups. Not what I had in mind after I watched "Sands of Iwo Jima."
Dec 1977 - Jun 1981
Aviation Operations Specialist
Basically an aviation operations clerk. Took care of Pilot Log Books, typed, copied and distributed the next day's Flight Schedule, recorded unit personnel's PFT scores, typed Operation Orders for Exercises, etc. An extremely boring and unchallenging job. Best part of assignment was allowed to fly in UH-1N and train as a door gunner. Some of the best time I spent in the Corps. Promoted to Private First Class (E-2) and Lance Corporal during this tour. Also meritoriously promoted to Corporal.


(1 year, 2 months)
Jun 1984 - Aug 1984
Jul 1983 - Oct 1983
Operation Northern Wedding Boldguard
Oct 1979 - Apr 1980
Stationed at MCAS Futenma, Okinawa. Crappy deployment. Long, hot and boring.

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Jan 1985 - Mar 1985

SNCO Leadership School

Jan 1980 - Mar 1980

NCO Leadership School

Jun 1979

Advanced Swimmer School


Apr 1989

Expert, Pistol

Jan 1988

Expert, Rifle

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