CPT Barry Kaufman

CPT Barry Kaufman

Dates of Service: May 1978 - Jun 1989
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  • 2LT May 78
  • 1LT Jun 80
  • CPT Dec 81
Commissioning Source:  ROTC, May 1978

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I was a field artillery officer from 78-89. I served in the 1st Bn, 5th FA (1st Inf Div at Ft Riley), the 3rd Bn, 35th FA (72nd FA Bde in Germany), and finished up as the recruiting operations officer for the Jacksonville Recruiting Battalion. General practice attorney since 2000; focusing on commercial collection work to include garnishment, replevin, judgment collection, etc.

Military Experiences

1983 - 1984
Battery Commander
Commanded a headquarters battery in a nuclear capable 8 in(SP) artillery battalion. 122 of the finest young men I've ever met and had the privilege to command.

Academic Degrees

Academic Degrees

Loyola University, New Orleans

Bachelor's Degree

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