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Sgt Justin DavisCrowe

Dates of Service: Jun 2002 - Jul 2010
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I served 8 years in the Marines. I held several billets. I completed the MCI's for NCO Academy and Staff NCO Academy courses, went to SACO Course, and JWTC, as well as other schools. I served two tours in support of OIF. I now am a Senior Armed Response Officer for USTVA in Nuclear Securtiy.

Military Experiences

Jan 2006 - May 2006
6th Marines
Platoon Sergeant
As a Corporal I was in charge of the Marines who were injured awaiting surgery or recovering from surgery as the Medical Platoon Sergeant.


(1 year, 7 months)
Jul 2007 - Jan 2008
Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF)
MAG 29 Training Cheif and Air Support Section NCO
Sep 2003 - Apr 2004
Training Deployment Messed up my right knee at Jungle Warfare School at Camp Gonsalves in the NTA
Mar 2003 - Jun 2003
Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF)
Security for IMEF at Camp Commando for OIF 1 with 2/6 G Co

Military Credentials

Professional Development Schools
Individual & Special Skill Schools
Security Clearance