MSG Floyd Williams

MSG Floyd Williams

Dates of Service: Oct 1972 - Jan 2008
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I served in the Berlin Brigade being a part of history guarding Rudolf Hess, and I had the opportunity to be a part of CASCOM (TD) revising the Transportation Management Courses 88N10/30/40 and Cargo Specialist 88H10/30/40 Courses. As an certified Instructor I taught 88N10/30/40, 88H10/30/40, and 12B10/30 Courses fourteen (14) years of my service time, also selected for Embassy Duty. As Assistant Program Manager, my job is to answer questions via e-mail and on the phone concerning all aspects of the NAT Program. Develop plans, specifications, and estimates for the NAT Program. Assist in the growth of the NAT Program by providing precise information and statistics for the development of new software programs. Posts data obtained from different data bases for the meticulous tracking of NAT Personnel.

Military Experiences

Oct 2004 - Jan 2008
Transportation Senior Sergeant
I was responsible for overseeing of operations both internal and external, training, plans and exercises in Support of 21st Theater Support Command and USAEUR; oversees a staff of fifteen (15) Soldiers and three (3) civilian personnel. Operated and Supervised Electronic Firing Range Targets in Kaiserslautern (K-Town), Germany for Record Qualification. I worked in S-2 and make weekly inspections for training at different subordinate units within one (1) hour commuting distance from 37TH TRANS.
Oct 1996 - Oct 2003
Senior Cargo Specialist Instructor
Supported CASCOM (TD)at Fort Lee, VA revising 88H and 88N Courses Skill Levels 1-4, also teaching Forklifts and Cranes Training at Fort Eustis, VA and different locations in the U.S. Former Infantryman in the Regular Army from October 18, 1972 to October 8, 1976, then switched over to the Army Reserve in the Transportation Career Management Field in August, 1977.
Aug 1977 - Aug 1987
1192nd DDSB
Traffic Management Supervisor
I'm responsible for convoys, bills of lading, scheduling and securing modes of transportation of personnel and equipment. Advising military and Department of Defense civilians of their entitlements for shipment of personal property and passenger travel. Requesting and coordinating transport capability to meet missions. Marking and labeling cargo and freight shipments in accordance with regulatory requirements. Documenting and inventorying freight, cargo, and material shipments of all types. Operating automated data terminal equipment, arranging documentation and reports for follow-up.
Oct 1974 - Oct 1976
Infantry Team Leader
Performs as a member of a fire team during drills and live combat to keep the Berlin Wall secure, Spandau Prison, and civilian population in West Berlin Performs hand-to-hand combat Aids in the mobilization of vehicles, troops and weaponry Helps with reconnaissance mission Operates two-way radios and signal equipment Processes prisoners of war and captured documents


(1 year, 11 months)
Jun 2005 - Jun 2006
Afghanistan ribbon
Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) - Afghanistan
37TH TRANS Co, Transportation Senior Sergeant / S-2 / Kaiserslautern, Germany Transportation Senior Sergeant / Antwerp, Belgium
Feb 1997 - Nov 1997
Operation Joint Guard
21ST TSC Kaiserslauter, Germany American Embassy, Budapest

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Professional Development Schools

Aug 2002


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Aug 2001


Aug 1995

6236TH USARF School

Individual & Special Skill Schools

Aug 2001

7TH BN TRANS, 80TH DIV - ANCOC Instructor Certification

Aug 1993 - Sep 1993

4152D USARF School - Small Group Instructor Training (SGI)

Aug 1993

4152D USARF School - Battle Focused Instructor Training Course

May 1992

4152D USARF School - 88N ANCOC PH II


Aug 2007

Kidnapping and Hostage Survival Guidelines

Aug 2007

Defensive Driving Overseas

Aug 2007

Code of Conduct for Personnel Subject to Terrorist Activity

May 2007

Rail Certification

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