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  • PV2 Apr 06
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Graduated BCT in Ft Sill, OK, and awarded the MOS of 14E, Patriot Enhanced Operator/Maintainer at Ft Bliss, TX. I'm currently assigned to Ft Sill, OK. My previous assignments include: Fort Bliss, TX, Camp Carrol, ROK, Fort Hood, TX, Kadena AB, JP, and Camp Arifjan, KWT. I Served in the following positions: Team Leader, Section Leader, Battery and Battalion Master Gunner, Platoon Sergeant, Fire Direction Chief and Operations Sergeant. My awards are: ARCOM (2-OLC), AAM (3-OLC), JMUA, MUC, ASSUA, AGCM (3rd award), NDSM, GWTEM, GWTSM, KDSM, NOPDR (3rd award), ASR, OSR (3rd award), Drivers Badge (W), and BAIB. Member of the Honorable Order of Saint Barbara. My military education consist of SGIT, CTC, SHARP Course, UPL, SLC, EOLC, ALC, PMG Course, BLC, CLS Course, and Armor Course.