CWO3 Dave Alcantara

CWO3 Dave Alcantara

Dates of Service: Jul 1976 - Aug 2003
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  • PO1 Jan 81
  • CPO Jun 86
  • CWO2 Jun 95
  • CWO3 Jun 99

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Joined the Coast Guard in 1976. Went to Boot Camp in Alameda California starting the week after the Bicentennial 4th of July. Upon completion of Recruit Training, I attended SM/QM A school in at NTC Orlando. Units USCGC WALNUT USCGC GLACIER GRU SF TRACEN ALAMEDA USCGC WHITE BUSH TAFT ST KITTS PACAREA TRATEAM USCG ACADEMY/CGC EAGLE D1 OPCEN MSO HONOLULU ACT NY Retired in AUG03

Military Experiences

Jul 1998 - Jun 2003
Sec New York
Senior Marine Inspector
Senior Marine Inspector, Deep Draft, Independent duty inspector for Upstate NY and Vermont, first responder for 9-11 attacks, coordinated boat lift to evacuate south Manhattan
Sep 2001 - Oct 2001
Marine Inspector
I was assigned as a independent duty Marine Inspector working out of my home in Vermont. Once a month, I would head to USCG Activities NY to stand a week of duty. On September 11th, I had just completed my week of duty and had grabbed my gear out of the Q, walking across the third deck, when someone said there was a fire at the World Trade Center. I went and looked out our window towards Manhattan, and watched the second plane hit. At that point, I was no longer heading back to Vermont. Went back to the Q and changed into my work uniform. Back in the office I was assigned to evacuation duties. The first tower fell as I was driving to the Staten Island Ferry. The second fell as I was starting the run from Staten Island to South Ferry. Problems encountered that day were numerous. All bridges and tunnels in our out of NYC were closed. There are a lot of people working in Manhattan who live elsewhere. The only egress was the Staten Island Ferry. I helped set up the informal tug boat flotilla to get people to Jersey City, Brooklyn, and Bayonne. Set up decontamination centers to help people clean up. While we hoped to help survivors of the WTC collapse, there just weren't many. We were just left with the knowledge we helped get over 2.5 million people evacuated out of Manhattan. The next few weeks were very busy as we tried to heal. I was leading vessel search teams when the Pirt reopened. Assisted in the security zone set up near a nuclear power plant near West Point NY. I was a very difficult time for our country, I was happy to lend what help I could.
Jul 1995 - Jul 1998
Sec Honolulu
Aug 1994 - Jun 1995
1st District
Quartermaster (Navigator)
Search and Rescue Coordinator


(1 year, 10 months)
Aug 2000 - Nov 2000
South korea
South Korea
Training to be a Qualified Dry Dock Examiner. Attended the Dry Dock of several US Flagged Merchant Ships at Hyundai Mipo Shipyard in Ulsan South Korea
Oct 1979 - Apr 1980
Operation Deep Freeze 80
Oct 1978 - Apr 1979
Operation Deep Freeze 79
Jun 1978 - Sep 1978
Operation Artic West Summer 78

Military Credentials

Professional Development Schools

Sep 1997 - Oct 1997

Wood and Fiberglass boat Inspection School

Sep 1995 - Dec 1995

Marine Inspection Course

Individual & Special Skill Schools

May 2017

ISM/ISO/DPA Certification

Aug 1980 - Sep 1980

Search and Rescue Schol

Sep 1976 - Feb 1977

QM A school

Security Clearance
Top Secret