MCPO Katrina Hutcherson

MCPO Katrina Hutcherson

Dates of Service: Oct 1980 - Dec 2014
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  • SA Apr 81
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Jul 2010 - Dec 2010
Senior Enlisted Reserve Administrator (SERA)
Why the CG Reserve in its infinite wisdom PCS'd me 5 months (10 drill days) before I had 30 years of service and I was shown the door I'll never know. Be that as it may, I was assigned as the SERA, a new position created because only junior enlisted reservists are assigned to small boat stations. The high OPTEMPO and the active duty personnel's unfamiliarity with reserve program administration and participation obligations and requirements was not conducive to the reservists readiness. This became apparent when record numbers of reservists were called up to respond to the Deep Water Horizon disaster and many station reservists weren't qualified or deployable. I did my best in that short time to set up a qualifications training schedule and get their physical, wills, POA's etc. current.
Oct 2005 - Jul 2010
MSU Cleveland
Reserve Command Master Chief
I made sure reservists completed their required training, qualifications, contractual obligations, and kept their readiness matrixes up to date maintaining deployment readiness. I counseled both active and reserve personnel about personal problems effecting their performance and readiness and found resources to help them get back on track. I mentored both active duty and reserve Junior officers to develop their leadership abilities. I solicited feedback from all personnel on how to better integrate reservists with active duty personnel, made sure reservists had the tools to complete the mission and looked for ways to complete missions more efficiently. I conducted career counseling for junior personnel. I worked closely with the CO and XO to support command expectations and boost morale.
Oct 2000 - Oct 2005
Assistant Security Division Officer
Assistant Security Officer for a deployable Port Security Unit. Responsible for division operations and training, crew served weapons qualifications and physical security. Conducted risk assessments and then wrote and implemented security plans to provide better force protection and physical security for the unit building and property. I trained and was a signing official for all unit personnel on required security and communications performance qualifications needed to earn their Port Security Qualification. Having been the previous TCIC (Telecommunications Chief in charge) of the communications division and with no one qualified to relieve me, I was also the CMS Custodian and I trained and assisted the undermanned and inexperienced Comms petty officers, none of whom had ever deployed.
Aug 1996 - Oct 2000
Telecommunications Specialist in Charge
As the technical comms expert, the CMS custodian and the assistant CSO, I trained all assigned TC's and the Commo everything about in Garrison and deployable comms. I taught them to process security clearances, to be a CMS custodian, COMTAC librarian and CMCS officer. I trained them to pack everything needed for deployable Comms within 96 hours of recall. I trained the entire unit on General Comms PQS and was a signing authority for the port security qual. When deployed we established VHF-lo, VHF-hi and UHF satellite secure comms. We set up a CP, raised antenna masts, mounted radios on our 25' Boston whalers and established Comms with other Naval Coastal Warfare and Army MP units. I wrote Comms plans and often deconflicted other units plans and or loaned radios to them to establish comms.


(1 year, 9 months)
Feb 2003 - Apr 2003
Led a security detachment that provided force protection to the USNS Aries on a trip to Malta to receive emergency repairs. Trained Naval Reservists on Shipboard force protection and close quarter battle. When Turkey would not allow U.S. Forces to bring in troops and supplies to invade Iraq from the north we redeployed to Kuwait.
Apr 2003 - Oct 2003
Supervised the security division providing force protection for USNS ships. Formed fire teams and watch scheds, conducted risk assessments, port patrols, vetted 3rd country nationals and searched vehicles, manned seaward batteries, over watches, entry and exit control points. Coordinated our integration with Army Transcom, MP's, EOD and Navy units.
Dec 2000 - Oct 2001
Communications Officer and Security Officer providing force protection for the USN 5th fleet after the bombing of the USS Cole

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