MCPO Mark Durland

MCPO Mark Durland

Dates of Service: Apr 1984 - Aug 2014
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  • SA Apr 84
  • SN Jun 84
  • PO3 Oct 84
  • PO2 87
  • PO1 Nov 91
  • CPO Sep 94
  • SCPO 02
  • MCPO 09

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Retired Master Chief Hospital Corpsman now living in Waynesboro, VA. Fortunate to have directly served in Navy senior enlisted leadership roles for six officers who attained flag or general officer. I take no credit for that, but rather state it as a testament to the great leaders under which I had the good fortune to learn. God puts us where we need to be at the time we need to be there. Born in Ayer MA and have lived in White Meadow Lake NJ, Silver Spring MD, Fresno CA, Deltona FL, Bethesda MD, Port St Lucie FL, and Johnson City TN before currently settling down in Waynesboro VA. I work as a registered cardiac and vascular sonographer at the University of Virginia Health System's cardiology practice in Fishersville VA. I have two grown children (Phillip and Kaly) and a granddaughter (Shaelagh).

Military Experiences

Sep 2016 - Present
Loving life! I used to say that I hoped the Navy and I would come to the mutual conclusion when it was time for me to retire. I was blessed to have that come to its fruition. Hitting my 30-year high year tenure gate and feeling personally fulfilled by those years at the same time in 2014 was truly a blessing. Do I miss the Navy? A bit, but not the travel and time demands. Do I miss the people? You bet! Having a life at this point is awesome. And having served is as well.
Feb 2003 - Aug 2014
NOSC Greenville
Reserve Senior Enlisted Leader
Started my tour here as the lone Navy Chief for a detachment of 30 Naval Hospital Jacksonville-attached Sailors. I arrived as a SCPO and had a 5-year "break" once I picked up MCPO. I returned here in January of 2014 to plan my retirement party. When I picked up E9 there were five of us at this small reserve center. When I returned, I was the only one left.
Dec 2009 - Dec 2013
EMF Dallas
Command Master Chief
Sometimes you simply get promoted into the right place at the right time. After being selected to MCPO in 2009 I began a search for potential billets. Three openings came up, all at fine commands. Operational Health Support Unit (OHSU) Bremerton, WA, OHSU Bethesda, MD, and OHSU Dallas, TX. I had deployed to EMF Kuwait with the Dallas command but had gained to Bethesda for many years and was quite familiar with the "lay of the land". I was, however, quite familiar with many of the staff and crew in Dallas. One former shipmate cemented my decision. CAPT Tim Howell was my boss in Nursing Service while I was in Kuwait, and I trusted him implicitly. As XO at Dallas he messaged me saying "I need you here", and it was a done deal.
2012 - 2013
Senior Enlisted Leader
The capstone on my career was this deployment during my tour as CSEL with EMF Dallas. The wonderful opportunity to work with some of the best Chiefs in the Navy, along with incredible enlisted and officer Shipmates, Soldiers, Marines, and Airmen. Working alongside great Hospital, Troop Command, and USAF Command Sergeants Major and Chief Master Sergeant to lead staff and crew of the US Military's flagship medical facility was awesome, as was the opportunity to interact with wounded warriors transitioning in their continuum of care and careers.


(2 years, 7 months)
Oct 2012 - Nov 2013
Senior Enlisted Leader, US Navy Personnel. Worked alongside senior leadership from four services and other nations locally and throughout the country. An exceptional experience to interact with other SELs associated with EUCOM, AFRICOM, and SPECWAR.
Nov 2004 - Nov 2005
Senior Enlisted Leader, Troop Medical Clinic Camp Arifjan and Senior Enlisted Leader, Nursing Service, EMF Kuwait, Camp Arifjan.
Jan 1991 - Apr 1991
Assistant Leading Petty Officer, OR Prep and Hold

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