SGT Darren Carriker

SGT Darren Carriker

Dates of Service: Dec 1977 - Feb 1984
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  • PVT Aug 78
  • PV2 Feb 79
  • PFC Sep 79
  • SPC Aug 80
  • SGT Jun 83

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I was one of the first members of what is now known as the 160th SOAR. Worked as a Flight Engineer on a modified Special Operations CH47-C and D Chinook. Only made one flight on the company's first "D" model from Ft Campbell, to Corpus Christi Army Depot, for modifications. My 1st Sgt offered me the FE position on it, if I re-enlisted. Hardest decision of my life.

Military Experiences

1979 - Feb 1984
Flight Engineer
Manage maintenance, repair, and operation of a special operations CH47-C helicopter. Accomplishing inspection, and repair, and assisting pilots during flight operations. Assuring clearance for landing, and sling load operation, and continuous monitoring of systems for proper operation during flight.

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Professional Development Schools
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Ended in 1983

US Army Transportation School CH47-D Transition Training

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Security Clearance

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