PO2 Robert M.

PO2 Robert M.

Dates of Service: Jun 1980 - Sep 1988
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  • SR 1980
  • SA 1981
  • SN 1983
  • PO3 84
  • PO2 Jun 85
  • RADM Dec 99
  • PO2 Jan 00
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I served in the U S Navy in the capacity of a Cryptologic Technician (Operator) CTO2 . I served on the USS JOUETT (now in Neptune's locker) and at NavCommUnit, London in the Tech Control dept. In that capacity I served as the admin assistant to the OIC of Tech Control, as well as maintaining security of the classified material for the command, and assistant CMS Clerk. 100% Service Connected Disabled Veteran. Active in Politics (worked for President CLINTON in the "Minnesota White House"), active in city, county and State Central Committee in Minnesota. A Master Mason, and Knight Templar (both Masonic & www.SMOTJ.org ) Received Knighthoods and titles in various Royal houses due to my volunteering, Honored to be Knighted by Pope Benedict as well as receiving two Hon Rhea Doctorates (Divinity & Theology).

Military Experiences

Jun 1984 - 1988
Cryptologic Technician Communications (CTO) AND Radioman ( RM )
I was recognized as the Sailor of the Quarter, and a nominee for the SAILOR OF THE YEAR for the work performed while attached to Naval Communication Unit, LONDON. As a Cryptologist, I was cross trained in Technical Control floor, ensuring communications were always maintained and secure. Working on the Secure Voice communications, I was in constant contact with Flag officers throughout the world, as well as POTUS and other HIGH AUTHORITIES. I also worked in the Tech Control Office staff, maintained and secured all classified material as well as the assistant CMS clerk.
1981 - 1984
USS Jouett (CG-29)
Cryptologic Technician (CTO)
As part of the "plankowners" of the Outboard Division, we were part of the ship's company. I performed duties of my rating, supporting the mission of the ship and the flag officer onboard, while maintaining the security of our mission as well as being one of the first Cryptologic personnel to become part of the "SHIPS COMPANY".


(1 year)
1982 - 1983
Western Pacific
Honored to become a SHELLBACK on this Cruise. I was also a "PLANKOWNER", for they built the space where we worked specifically during drydock prior to WESPAC. I supported the mission of the ship and the flag officer onboard, maintaining the security of our mission as being the first Cryptologic personnel to become part of the "SHIPS COMPANY".

Military Credentials

Professional Development Schools

1980 - 1981

CTO "A" School

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Radioman Tech Control School


CTO "C" School - Tacintel




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Top Secret/SCI or higher

Academic Degrees

Academic Degrees

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Doctorate, Doctorate of Theology (hon rhea)