CWO3 Bryan Luciani

CWO3 Bryan Luciani

Dates of Service: Feb 1984 - Sep 2005
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  • PO2 Dec 85
  • PO1 Dec 88
  • CPO Sep 91
  • SCPO Sep 95
  • CWO2 Jan 01
  • CWO3 Oct 04

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- Expert Engineering, Production and Operations Manager who excels at using cutting edge management methodology and technology to cut costs, streamline operations and increase productivity. - Over 20 years of experience with Mechanical Engineering systems and Project Management processes. - At ease with operating in stressful environments where budget limitations and strict timelines are the norm.

Military Experiences

Jun 2004 - Sep 2005
Department Head
- Managed three divisions in support of over 100 weekly Navy Seal Training evolutions. - Coordinated 40 personnel in the safe management, operation, and maintenance of over 30 assorted small boats and 1800 individual weapon, communication, and armory equipment.
May 2003 - Jun 2004
USS John C. Stennis (CVN-74)
Repair Division Officer
- Supervised the ship's 95-person Repair Division and ship's Repair Program in the day-to-day operations which included daily equipment maintenance actions, welding repairs, metal work repairs, carpentry jobs, engraving jobs, piping repairs, structural repairs, and formal Quality Assurance assessments.
Jul 2001 - Jun 2004
USS John C. Stennis (CVN-74)
Fire Marshal
- Supervised the Damage Control Division (85 personnel) in the day-to-day operations while responsible for the overall safety, damage control, and fire-fighting readiness of the ship. - Coordinated the daily training of, and led the ship's Fire-fighting Team and 10 80-person Ship's Repair Stations
Jul 1998 - Jul 2001
Material Department Supervisor
Coordinated MPF Engineering Inspection Teams covering pre-positioned units in Guam, Diego Garcia (BIOT), and Blount Island Command, Florida. Designated N-52.

Military Credentials

Professional Development Schools


CWO/LDO Indoc School

May 1984 - Jun 1984

Apr 1984 - Jun 1984

Individual & Special Skill Schools
Foreign Language Skills


Spanish (4+/4+)

Security Clearance

Academic Degrees

Academic Degrees

2011 - 2013

Boston University - MS in Project Management

2010 - 2011

Excelsior College - BSc in Administrative Management

2010 - 2011

Excelsior College - Psychology (Workforce Applied)

1994 - 1995

University of Phoenix - AA in Technical Studies