SFC Russell Campbell

SFC Russell Campbell

Dates of Service: Feb 1985 - Jun 2007
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Trainer, Mentor and soldier. I have counted upwards of 50 countries that I have either been deployed to and/or operated in during my lifetime. I have been lucky enough to train with and in some cases operate and fight along side 17 foreign military forces, as well as countless "in house" operations and exercises with all components of the US military.

Military Experiences

Jan 2006 - Jun 2007
Senior Instructor/Writer
Involved with the preparation and training of active and reserve component soldiers and units for deployment to Afghanistan and Iraq, to include; Physical Fitness Training, Force Protection, Weapons Proficiency, Convoy Operations, Medical Preparedness, Night Operations, Reporting Procedures, Cordon and Search Operations, Route Clearance, React to Contact, React to IED/VBIED, React to Incoming, Processing Known and Suspected Enemy Personnel and Equipment, ROE, Cultural and Language Briefings. Mentored Platoon and Company Leadership for multiple entities. Mentored IAG (Iraqi Assistance Group) replacement personnel due to previous assignment with Iraqi army in 2004-2006.
Nov 2004 - Jan 2006
Advisory Support Team Memeber
AST (Advisor Support Team) member to the9th Division, First Iraqi Mechanized Brigade, specifically the Brigade Reconnaissance Company as sole US advisor to approximately 186 officers and men. Served as the small arms training and deployment expert, training more than 1400 Iraqi soldiers in the maintenance, zeroing, qualification, and deployment of the AKM battle rifle, the P96 machine pistol, the RPK light machinegun, the PKM general purpose machinegun, and the 12.7mm DShK heavy machinegun. Lived, ate, trained, and conducted more than 30 various combat operations with Iraqi counter-parts as sole American advisor, with an impressive mission accomplishment rate of 90%, protect, kill, capture or destroy.
Jun 2002 - Nov 2004
Title 11 Active Component Advisor
Liaison between Active Component and Reserve Component ensuring training standards meet Army requirements. Responsible for advising RC BN commander on training for and use of organic mortar fires. Upon activation of the 39th Brigade for deployment to Iraq in 2004, was offered a slot as 1SG of HHC 1-153 INF BN, but was told by MG Best that I was needed at FT Hood, Texas, (where the 39th ESB was mobilizing) to help prepare and train follow on National Guard units.
Apr 2000 - Jun 2002
Platoon Sergeant
Responsible for training and implementation of accurate, safe and timely battalion organic indirect fires for a forty two man mechanized Infantry platoon, to include six M1064A3 mortar carriers, two M1025 HUMWV, two M577A3 FDC (Fire Direction Center ) carriers and ancillary equipment valued in excess of $15 million USD. Advises the battalion commander as to courses of training, and use of 120mm mortar gunnery systems for battle staff planning. Platoon conducted two annual MORTEP evaluations with a 99% over-all readiness rating. Platoon excelled in overseas realistic live-fire training and operations during a three month rotation to Kuwait for Operation Desert Spring 01-01


(22 years, 5 months)
Feb 1985 - Jun 2007
Operation TMTL (To Many To List)
See my DD-214 for any other stupid questions

Military Credentials

Professional Development Schools

Oct 1997

Tactics Certification Course (1059 from FT Benning)

Individual & Special Skill Schools

Jun 2004 - Oct 2004

JRTC Observer/Controler Course


Mar 2012

WPS (Worldwide Protective Service) Supervisory Course Certificate for VxL for DoS

Jan 2012

WPS (Worldwide Protective Service) Basic Guard Force Certification

Foreign Language Skills


German (3/3+)

Security Clearance
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