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I am a civilian in Military Family. Dad- WWII Veteran. My daughter Army Veteran. My sonnlaw 2 Iraq deployments. My brother Afghanistan Deployment. I started www.talkingwithheroes.com and www.thankyouforyourservice.us in late 2005. From 2006-2011 5 trips to Iraq & 3 to Afghanistan. 500,000+ watched videos www.youtube.com/bobc9246 5/2020 Updates http://talkingwithheroes.com/about-talkingwithheroes

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(5 years, 5 months)
May 2006 - Sep 2011
Afghanistan ribbon
Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) - Afghanistan
From 2006-2011 I embedded with many military units 5 times in Iraq and 3 in Afghanistan and also in Kuwait. We went outside the wire on missions with them, interviewed and filmed inside and outside the wire. Interviewed local civilians, local military, police, leaders. We have over 500 videos with raw footage on www.youtube.com/bobc9246



Media Passes in Iraq and Afghanistan

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C92a59d8 FamilySon-n-law and Grand Children and doing all I can in Support of our Troops Veterans and Families and those who Support them.