LTC Howie Malone

LTC Howie Malone

Dates of Service: Jan 1977 - Sep 2009
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  • PV2 Jun 77
  • PFC Dec 77
  • SPC Sep 78
  • 2LT Dec 81
  • 1LT Jun 83
  • CPT Aug 85
  • MAJ Dec 93
  • LTC Oct 01
Commissioning Source:  ROTC, Dec 1981

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(1 year, 6 months)
Dec 2006 - Nov 2007
Afghanistan ribbon
Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) - Afghanistan
Served as Chief, CJ-34, AT Branch. Responsible to advise the Commanding General on all aspects of the Antiterrorism Program and oversee all aspects of the AT program for a 3,000-member task force, with the mission of providing mentorship to the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF), in Kabul, and 125 separate locations throughout Afghanistan.
Jan 1998 - Apr 1998
Participated in Operation DESERT THUNDER as a member of the HQ, ARCENT/THIRD US Army Provost Marshal Office. We spent several months at Camp Doha, Kuwait, conducting what we affectionately referred to as a "STAREX." That's us staring and them, staring at us, staring at them. You get the picture. ARCENT deployed a 5,000 member C/JTF for this one.
Nov 1998 - Dec 1998
Deployed to Camp Doha, Kuwait again with the ARCENT PMO for Operation DESERT FOX, another STAREX. This time we got to watch the USAF bomb the living crap out of the Iraqis, which was a lot of fun. This operation lasted only a few weeks and gave us the opportunity to miss Christmas with our families...

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Oct 2007

Level II Antiterrorism Course

May 2007

Level IV Antiterrorism Course

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Academic Degrees

1977 - 1981

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