SGM Mark Magnussen

SGM Mark Magnussen

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  • PV2 Nov 75
  • PFC Jan 76
  • SPC Aug 77
  • SP5 Jun 79
  • SSG Jul 84
  • SFC Apr 90
  • MSG May 98
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I thrive in an environment that requires a juggler who’s adept at solving problems. My attention to process and detail has substantially improved quality and productivity for my teams and divisions. I am passionate about growing our workforce from within and am a skilled instructional designer and trainer. My military background enables me to evaluate, advise and train any organizational need.

Military Experiences

Dec 2004 - Apr 2006
70th RSC
Sergeant Major
Great assignment! Drove RV with three cats and 5 rose bushes from Atlanta to Seattle. Conferences in Waksahchee and trying to get my head together after deployment.
Oct 2003 - Nov 2004
ARCENT - Kuwait
Sergeant Major
Stood up the theater retention offices. Budgets, locations, transportation, housing, computers, LAN and WAN access. Rain storm during a sand storm - free mud bath. 106 in Qatar at 6 AM with 25% humidity - felt like a sauna. Saw Robin Williams in Bagram AFG.
Sep 1998 - Sep 2003
Retention Operations NCO
Ran reserve incentive program, moved from 79D to 79S to 79V, moved from HQ, USARC to current off site location in Morrow, GA. Was the POC for west coast units in standing up retention offices in reserve centers. Attended USASMA, designed, briefed and stood up middle east retention offices. 9/11
May 1996 - Sep 1998
Retention Operations NCO
Stood up Readiness Command. Windshield time driving OH, MI, IN, ILL, KY, WVA


(1 year)
Oct 2003 - Sep 2004
Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF)
Set up and ran US Army Reserve Retention offices throughout the Middle East.

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Mar 1987

Sep 1975 - Nov 1975

11B AIT, Ft Polk



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