CPL Mark Andersen

CPL Mark Andersen

Dates of Service: Aug 1985 - Aug 1989
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Feb 1987 - Mar 1987
Squad Member
Border duty at Observation Post Alpha. This was the hardest 30 days in service for me. Being 19 and literally standing in front of the Iron Curtain. Having a Hind D fly right up to the tower, loaded for bear, and he flashes his lights at us, like he could take us out if he wanted to. Walking patrols and having our East German/Soviet counterparts walking alongside us on their side of the border, us on ours. Watching the East German Pioneers (Engineers) maintain the minefields. Seeing the attack dogs on dog runs along the border. I returned this past summer, 29 years after I had been there last - OP Alpha is now a museum. I was in tears as I left - so many memories flooded back.
Started in Jan 1989
Team Leader
The second week of January and I am on a plane to Ft. McCoy, WI for Winter Warfare School. I was sent home for Winter Warfare School. Our LT was leading us on a patrol in snowshoes. We come to a fairly fast moving creek, he wants to cross it (He was from Georgia) It was about -2. Me and another Wisconsin guy looked at each other and volunteered to find an alternate way across. We found a bridge about 500 meters downstream. By the time we got back the LT had sent one squad across the creek - they all fell in, and were trying to warm up on the other side. The LT would not let them start a fire, because mission, I guess. Being Wisconsin boys, we ignored him and started a fire for those guys to get warmed up. The LT threatened us with Art. 15 - never heard anymore about when we got back.

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