Sgt Frank Rinchich

Sgt Frank Rinchich

Dates of Service: Jun 1955 - Apr 1959
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  • Pvt Jun 55
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Seems there are no Marines on here dating back to my time. camaraderie would be nice from that time range. I was Sgt-E-4 But believe it or not a lot of Marines didn't know there was a Sgt E-4 I questioned my rank with dept. of records. because todays rank for Sgt, is E-5 was told I was promoted to Sargent and that is what I should list my rank the E-5 is a pay grade. no reduction in rank.crazy Paramedic and EX Director of a county emergency services.

Military Experiences

Dec 1955 - Nov 1957
Director gunner
Was told by ships captain I and one other Marine were the first in navy history to man an AA director. For ones that don't know what that is , my director was on the starboard side, when the ships captain gave air action starboard all the 3" 50s and 5 " guns would go to automatic and I would control and fire all the guns at one time from my director. Was a high light of my sea experience.


Started in Dec 1955
MAR DET. USS Helena CA 75
Deployed 3 times to far east. twice aboard a heavy cruiser 55 to 57 , transferred to 3_1_1 in 1957 deployed 1958 to Luzon Island Philippines operation strong back.

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