LTC Charles Snyder

LTC Charles Snyder

Dates of Service: May 1980 - Oct 2000
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  • 2LT May 80
  • 1LT Nov 81
  • CPT Feb 84
  • MAJ 1992
  • LTC 1996
Commissioning Source:  USMA, May 1980

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Senior leader for Business Development, Capture/Proposal and Profit and Loss (P&L) management in information technology, and infrastructure management markets. Proven experience managing in complex environments. Expert at solving complex problems in challenging international and domestic environments. A leader in integrating capabilities, maximizing people & technology.

Military Experiences

Jul 1997 - Oct 2000
Chief, Northeast Asia Exercises
• Led integration of major North East Asia exercises (Korea, Japan, Alaska) focused on joint and combined integration and execution scenarios, involving leadership at the 3 and 4 star levels. • Managed $300 Million Strategic Lift budget and $500,0000 support budget
Jun 1995 - Jul 1997
Brigade Operations Officer (S3)
• Planned and managed innovative training effort for training reserve component forces in an 11 state region. • Led integrated efforts for training over 2,000 soldiers from multiple states.
Jul 1994 - Jul 1995
4th ID HQ
Headquarters Commandant
• Led direct support operations for Division Headquarters, including all administrative support operations and moving and sustaining over 900 soldiers to support an exercise at Fort Lewis, Washington. • Led refurbishment of 1950’s era Division Headquarters, maintaining operations during asbestos abatement and facility reconstruction
Jun 1993 - Jun 1994
2-72 AR
Battalion Operations Officer (S-3)
• Led operations for a 600 man, 58 tank M1 Abrams Armor battalion in Korea in a time of increased tension. • Led planning for establishing for combined arms task force level live fire exercises in an unimproved facility, integrating armor, infantry, aviation, and artillery assets into an integrated live-fire scenario.

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Jan 1981 - Mar 1981

Aug 1978

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German (2/2)

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Top Secret/SCI or higher

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Academic Degrees

1976 - 1980

United States Military Academy (USMA, West Point)

Bachelor's Degree