SGT Steven Eugene Kuhn MBA
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SGT Steven Eugene Kuhn MBA

Dates of Service: Jun 1986 - Jun 1993
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A successful turnaround & start-up leader and networking pro. A hands on leader who drives the business or project quickly and precisely towards success, while passing along the knowledge to the team, in order to facilitate future success after project handover, creating lasting passionate teams who take their companies to new levels of success.

Military Experiences

Jun 1986 - Jun 1993
Served in the following units: IBDE Armored Training Center - Fort Knox, Kentucky A & D Company, 3-33 Armor, 2BDE, 3AD - Gelnhausen, Germany D Company, 4-8 Cavalry, 2BDE, 3AD - Gelnhausen, Germany (Boarder Duty - Fulda, Germany) HQ 2BDE, 3AD - Gelnhausen, Germany HHT, 4-8 Cavalry, 2BDE, 3AD - Operation Desert Storm (Saudi Arabia, Iraq & Kuwait) HHC & A Company, 40th Armor, Berlin Brigade - Berlin, Germany HHC 3-64 Armor, 1BDE, 3ID - Schweinfurth, Germany


(6 months)
Dec 1990 - May 1991

Military Credentials

Professional Development Schools

Drill and Ceremony, Taking Charge, Reconnaissance Operations, Foot Marches, Small Arms Repair, Counselling, Security Operations

Unit and Crew Evaluation Course

Foreign Language Skills

Hungarian (3+/1)

Germany (5/5)

Security Clearance
None / Expired

Academic Degrees

Academic Degrees

2002 - 2005

Bradford University School of Business Management, Leeds, United Kingdom

MBA, Business Management

Civilian Experiences

May 2016 - Present
Global Director B2B
Working with a young team which delivering the ultimate fun and useful lifestyle-innovations, producing environmentally and ecologically friendly products. Our network of partner companies around the globe gives us the possibility to sell and distribute worldwide. Responsible for strategic relationships on all continents and the supply chain, from sourcing to product on the shelf, constantly producing new and exciting products and expanding/growing relationships
Feb 2014 - Present
Tailored to your specific business, product or goal, the result is an inspired and motivated team, who then recognize their unique identities and pride in who and what your company, staff or business is. Conscious Leadership: The ability to be authentic and unique using the moral basis of honesty, transparency and integrity, this will change your life as a leader, business person and potentially as a human being. People, Procedures and Structures: Results are a well oiled, very efficient machine, reducing time on so called work, freeing up time to further develop yourself and your teams. Branding Workshops: Results are the Mission, Vision, Essence, Personality and Value Proposition in order to communicate exactly who your company is and why it is different.
Sep 2012 - Present
Managing Director
The company specializes in developing creative new marketing concepts and financing models for the international sports market, PR and sports management focused on football (soccer) and show business and the organization and managing of exclusive events series worldwide. The Company holds the operational management functions within Ballmiras group.
Jan 2006 - Present
Principal - Business Turnaround Specialist
Consultant for Strategic Communication, Focus is Integrity - Communication and Corporate Development: Healthy relationships are the essence of a successful enterprise that many forget. We develop full strategies; people as well as companies can only be successful through stable and healthy relationships built on integrity. Integrity allows for real partnerships: genuine partnerships are essential for the private life and happiness, as well as for the success of a company. Integrity creates the best relationships in good and in bad times. Integrity is actively created in which trust is built, this does not happen in two days, it is a long-term goal: I will get you there.

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