CW5 Randall Hirsch

CW5 Randall Hirsch

Dearing, GA
Dates of Service: Sep 1967 - Mar 2011
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I worked for the WY, AK, MI, and NE ARNG in computer from 1977 until 2004. I was a computer operator, programmer, then Oracle DBA. I retired out of civil service and went back on active duty as a CW4. I taught Oracle DBA and HP-UX at ITTC at the the Guard's PEC at Camp Robinson, AR. I was picked up for a CW5 position at Fort Gordon, GA. I retired in 2011 after 41.5 years in uniform.

Military Experiences

Mar 1971 - Aug 1971
Aircraft Maintenance Admin
Aircraft Maintenance administration clerk for CH-53 helicopters.
Apr 1970 - Mar 1971
I was assigned to H&MS-17 in its helo staging section. This section took care of getting all CH-46s ready for shipment. We would convoy them out to DaNang deep water pier and load them aboard ship. I also kicked flares out of C-117D aircraft. I had 10 missions. H&MS-17 rotated to Japan in July70. We were attached to H&MS-16 from mid July to mid Aug 70. We were then reassigned to H&MS-11, MAG-11 for the rest of the tour. I picked up E5 Sgt on 1 Sep 70. I was 5 days short of 3 years TIS.
Aug 1968 - Feb 1970
Aircraft Maintenance Admin clerk
I was an aircraft maintenance admin clerk. I took care of aircraft logbooks and aircraft maintenance correspondence. I was on the squadron color guard, riot control, and honor guard platoon. I was meritoriously promoted to corporal in Nov 1969. The story behind that was that I was number 4 after the interviews. The Marine who was number 1 was written up that night. The CO pulled his paperwork and everyone moved up 1 position.
Feb 1968 - Aug 1968
Attended Aircraft Maintenance Administration course MOS 6381. I was at NAS Memphis when Martin Luther King, JR was killed. We were locked down tight.


(1 year, 1 month)
Mar 1970 - Mar 1971
Vietnam War
I was assigned to Helo Staging in H&MS-17, MWSG-17. The section was responsible for readying and transporting CH-46 helicopters to DaNang deep water pier to load aboard ship. I also flew flare crew missions on C-117D aircraft. We were attached to H&MS-16 for one month then reassigned to H&MS-11 for the rest of my tour. I made Sgt E5 in Sep 1970.

Academic Degrees

Academic Degrees

1974 - 1977

University of Wyoming

Bachelor's Degree

1971 - 1973

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Dearing, GA
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