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SPC Ted Bates

Dates of Service: Sep 1987 - Sep 1991
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Proud to have served with the Manchus (C co 3/9) and have walked the Manchu mile twice. I'm an avid collector of Manchu buckles. Currently the vice-president of Calm Waters https://www.facebook.com/calmwatersorg . We are a non-profit organization based in Sekiu WA. Our goal is providing fishing trips for Wounded Warriors and for local low income Veterans. KEEP UP THE FIRE! Correctional Worker Academy (CORE), Emergency Response Team Academy

Military Experiences

Jan 1991 - Sep 1991
Mail Clerk
After the COHORT disbanded with many of our guys ETSing and a few reenlisted and moved on to new duty stations, I still had about a year left to serve. I transferred over to my Battalion HQ and helped process in the new COHORT and took over the mail room. I did this until I ETSed that September.
Jan 1988 - Jan 1991
After basic I reported for duty with 1st Plt C co 3/9 (Manchu) 7th Light Infantry Division at Ft Ord CA. I was assigned as my squad's grenadier M203 gunner. In 89, I was assigned to 3rd Plt as a SAW gunner.
Mar 1989 - Sep 1989
TF Sinai (MFO)
SAW Gunner
C co 3-9, 7th ID stationed at South Camp near Sharm el-Sheikh on the Sinai Peninsula. A six month tour. My squad was assigned to SCC6 where my primary duty was the generator operator. We would go in 3 week rotations. 3 weeks on the OP then 3 weeks at South Camp. Our time at South Camp was divided into 1 week of training, 1 week of base support, and 1 week of R&R.
Sep 1987 - Dec 1987
Basic Trainee
I signed on for 4 years as 11B Infantry. I was placed in a COHORT unit. Signing up for a COHORT unit is a 3 year commitment. Everyone goes through basic and AIT together then they all serve in the same unit at their regular duty station. I was plugged into the COHORT that would become 3/9 at Ft Ord, CA. Our Basic and AIT was held at the Harmony Church area in Ft Benning, GA. Harmony Church was made up of all WWII barracks and buildings. SSG Dicus, SFC Callaway, and SSG Lamar was my 4th Plt Drill Sergeants.


(1 year)
Apr 1990 - Jul 1990
Operation Promote Liberty
An operation to rebuild the Panamanian military and civilian infrastructure. Attended JOTC at Ft. Sherman during this time.
Dec 1989 - Jan 1990
Operation Just Cause
3rd Plt C co 3/9 Inf, 7th ID Light, Panama City. We maintained a perimeter around the Gobernacion and Procuraduria De La Administracion buildings which were being utilized by Panamanian President Guillermo Endara as his office. We did patrols and cleared nearby buildings during the day. 3rd PLT was later sent to guard a nearby TV station.
Apr 1989 - Sep 1989
Multinational Force & Observers (MFO)
The Multinational Force and Observers is an international peacekeeping force overseeing the terms of the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel. The MFO generally operates in and around the Sinai peninsula. I served a six month tour with Task Force 3/9 INF at South Camp and SCC6.

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