Capt Kevin Kinkade

Capt Kevin Kinkade

Dates of Service: Jun 2001 - Dec 2013
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Influence Score: 14,171
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  • 2ndLt May 05
  • 1stLt May 07
  • Capt Aug 09
Commissioning Source:  USNA, May 2005

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• Marine Captain with 8 years experience leading elite Force Recon units during high-risk specialized infiltrations to conduct clandestine surveillance, intelligence collection, and other Special Operations. • Adept leadership skills involving crisis management during high-stress combat situations • Combat leadership experiences unique even to the majority of seasoned military veterans • Proven public speaker and writer, routinely presented "high-risk" proposals to senior officers • Held Top Secret, Special Compartmentalized Information Clearance Graduated from the most advanced courses the Marine Corps offers. Earned mastery-level supervisory skills as a Combatant Dive Supervisor, Special Forces Military-Free-Fall Jump Master, and Joint Terminal Attack Controller, each title rarely earned by Marine Corps Officers. Courses amount to 112 weeks of specialized training, significantly more training than received by the vast majority of Marine Officers: • Courses Emphasizing Leadership Alaska Mountaineering NOLS, Marine Basic School, Infantry Officer Course, Scout Sniper Platoon Leader, Navy Special Warfare SEAL Platoon Leader, Martial Arts Instructor • Courses For Infiltration Techniques Amphibious Recon Course, Urban Surveillance Course, US Army Airborne & Jump-master, Special Forces Free-fall & Jump-master, Marine Combatant Dive School & Supervisor, Dive Propulsion Device • Courses For Special Skills Ground Intelligence Officer Course, Survive Evade Rescue Escape, Advanced Escape Techniques, Joint Terminal Attack Controller, Unconventional Recovery for SOF, Trauma Casualty Live-Tissue