SSG Leonard J W.

SSG Leonard J W.

Dates of Service: Dec 2001 - Apr 2016
91% Complete
22 Endorsements
100 Contacts
Influence Score: 67,811
1,089 out of 862,590 Veterans
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  • PVT
  • PV2 Dec 01
  • PFC May 02
  • SPC Nov 03
  • CPL Sep 08
  • SGT May 09
  • SSG Nov 10


I have always strived to make one lasting impression upon every organization: "I am an expert and I am a professional." If I can't improve an organization, then it doesn't need me. I have served in a variety of positions as a follower and leader. I have never met a job that was too difficult. Serving others gives me pride, & I will always strive to be an example of selfless-service and excellence.

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