2LT Heidi Hansing

2LT Heidi Hansing

Dates of Service: Dec 1987 - Dec 1993
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  • PVT Dec 87
  • PV2 Aug 88
  • 2LT Jun 91
Commissioning Source:  ROTC, 1991

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HEIDI HANSING CO-FOUNDER OF WHEELCHAIRS FOR WARRIORS Director of Community Outreach Heidi comes from a long family tradition of patriotic values and military service. She enlisted in the US Army as a 17-year old freshman in college and served simultaneously in the US Reserves and ROTC until her graduation and commissioning. ​ She graduated with a BA degree in International Affairs, a Specialty in Soviet Politics, and a Minor in Military Science. As an officer, she earned her jump wings at Airborne School before serving the remainder of her active duty service overseas. Since her separation from military service, Heidi has been a small business owner and investor. She has served as a humanitarian aid director in the south Yucatan, Mexico. Heidi is fiercely politically independent and served on the executive board of a renowned grassroots organization. She is extremely adept in the legislative process and trained many citizen lobbyists. She owned and operated a firearms dealership, specializing in self and home defense for women. For several years, she was a popular hard-hitting radio personality in Texas politics. She was honored to be elected to serve her community on the City Council of League City, Texas. ​ Now politically retired, Heidi is a cross-country adventure motorcyclist and freelance book narrator. She remains active in veteran's advocacy and volunteerism, serving those who have served us. She is, above all, a proud Blue Star Mom.

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