Capt Lance Gallardo

Capt Lance Gallardo

Dates of Service: Jan 1983 - Nov 1992
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  • 2ndLt May 87
  • 1stLt May 89
  • Capt May 92
Commissioning Source:  OCS, May 1987

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PEBD Jan 1983, PLT LDR CRS JR-OCS 1983, Plt Ldr Crs Sr, 1985, Quantico, VA. Commissioned May 1987 2nd Lt USMCR, unrestricted line officer, deferral for Law School, Attended Creighton University Law School 1987-1990, Now Law Contract Marine Officer, MOS 4402 guaranteed upon successful completion of TBS and Naval Justice School. Promoted to 1st LT while on active duty at Camp Pendleton Summer 1989

Military Experiences

Aug 1991 - Nov 1992
Defense Counsel/Legal Assistance Attorney
A very conflicted 1/2 Defense counsel, reporting to the Staff Judge Advocate (the Prosecutor), as his 1/2 Legal Assistance Attorney. So I was in a position that is the equivalent of the District Attorney writing the Fitness Reports on the Public defenders. Horrible career ending experience in an inherent conflict of interest. However, representing Marines & Sailors at their Admin hearings & Courts Martials was the singular greatest privilege of my life. 2 years after leaving AD I got a phone call from a former client, now a Gunnery Sergeant who told me how much my service meant to him and his wife and children. He later retired as a Master Sgt. in the Marine Corps. That call made my service all worthwhile!
May 1991 - Aug 1991
Attended and graduated from Naval Justice School. The Basic Legal training course for attorneys to receive the JAG (Judge Advocate General) designation in the Marine Corps and the Navy. Extensive legal and trial advocacy course that prepares Naval Attorneys to assume a wide array of legal assignments.
Sep 1990 - Apr 1991
All Marine Officers regardless of MOS attend the six months Basic Course for Officer training at MCB Quantico, VA. Affectionately known as The Big Suck, Time Between Saturdays, etc. Honestly the single best "entry level" small unit leadership course in the World. All Marine Officers share this formative experience, that covers every aspect of becoming a competent Marine Officer. graduates should be able to "fit in" to the Marine Corps Culture, as well as to perform basic leadership tasks. The course indoctrinates new Marine Officers in all of the aspects of being a infantry Plt commander. I have found through the almost 25 plus years since I graduated from TBS that the experience and skills I picked up at The basic School, have shaped my life and world outlook in ways I never dreamed of.
Aug 1987 - May 1990
Law Student