CPT Robert Boshears

CPT Robert Boshears

Dates of Service: Aug 1972 - Jun 1997
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  • PO3 73
  • CPL Apr 77
  • SGT Jul 77
  • 2LT Nov 77
  • 1LT Nov 80
  • CPT Nov 83
Commissioning Source:  OCS, Nov 1977

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Kind of still attached to the Army. My wife is a Supervising Professor in the European, Latin American Languages Department at DLI, Presidio of Monterey. After 30 years away from Fort Ord, I am back...only the once vibrant military installation is one disgrace. The one good thing, is a huge VA clinic is being built right on my old Bn & Bde headquarters area.

Military Experiences

Deck Ape
Deck Ape, gun crew.
Battalion Personnel Officer (S1)
Recalled to AD. The only Reserve Officer in this Cohort unit...and got kept, ha. Best unit ever!


Started in 1972
Vietnam ribbon
Vietnam War
Was scared to death. Got hit by our own stuff (I hope not intentionally). Thought I made a great career move when someone came in our gun mount and asked if anyone could type. My hand went up...I got moved back about 150 feet, with no armor protection, but a lot of them bubble gum looking noise suppressers.
Philippine outback. Played with Abu Sayaf
Sanguillen area. Commanded Army, Army Reserves, Marines And Navy Seals; that I never saw... oh, two Army tugs. Protected go to war stock about 20 miles from Cubi Point NAS.

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Can order a beer In most langu

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Wheelchair and flag Disabled Veteransshooting. prefer my .40 beretta but love my luftwaffe issued .32... about 80 years old... but fits in my pocket.