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SrA William Giraldi

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Catholic, conservative, lead slinger, and gunsmith. Did Army Artillery (13B) for 5 years and 6 years in the Air Force Air Transportation (2T2X1) AFSC. I finished my BS in business administration w/ a focus on general management at Thomas Edison State University. I am open to trying new things and would like to go skydiving at least once (it's on the bucket list). It's one thing to go to college for the sake of having a higher education but a useless skill; it's far more beneficial to obtain a higher education via college and / or trade school and become a useful member to society. I pride myself on being very versatile in the workplace with education to back my skills up. For the more you know how to do, the more desirable you are to the organization.

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Aug 2011 - Feb 2016
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Cargo Handler
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Academic Degrees

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Thomas Edison State College

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Thomas Edison State College

Bachelor's Degree, BSBA in General Management