SSG James Behnke

SSG James Behnke

Dates of Service: Oct 2004 - Apr 2019
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Career soldier that takes great pride in service and mentoring soldiers. I'm generally the one to crack the first joke to lighten the mood. Believe heavily in leading by example and holding leaders accountable. I love football season and will wake up at 2am every Monday just to watch my Redskins play live. I loved my time as Infantry and love what I do now even more. MSG me to find out more.

Military Experiences

Apr 2009 - Jan 2012
Fire Team Leader
Serves as a Team Leader for a Stryker Infantry Platoon responsible for the combat readiness, physical fitness, health, morale and training of a four man Infantry Team and their Families; directs his team's tactical employment during offensive and defensive operations; counsels, disciplines and develops his Soldiers; maintains the highest state of combat readiness regardless of conditions and personnel changes; responsible for the maintenance and accountability of the team’s equipment, effective utilization of assigned weapons, night optics, communication equipment and individual equipment worth $50,000.
Jun 2007 - Mar 2009
D Co
Fire Team Leader
Leads an Infantry Fire Team in combat operations; supervises tactical employment of team in offensive, defensive, and retrograde operations; provides tactical and technical guidance to subordinates and professional support to both subordinates and superiors in accomplishing their duties; receives and issues orders, coordinates with adjacent elements, ensures collection and reporting of intelligence data; analyzes terrain, adjusts aerial fire support; performs duties of squad leader in his absence. -Attended and passed Air Assault course. -Attended one 30 day JRTC rotation prior to second deployment to Iraq.
Mar 2005 - May 2007
D Co
Operates both mounted and dismounted to close with and destroy the enemy. Employs, operates, and maintains assigned weapons and equipment. Employs proper dismounted movement techniques, cover, concealment, and camouflage as part of dismount team. Performs basic communication functions and operates platoon communications equipment. Constructs individual fighting positions. Collects and reports tactical information as member of combat or reconnaissance patrol. Assists in target detection, identification, and round sensing. Assist in the breaching of minefields and obstacles. -Attended Warrior Leader Course (WLC) (now BLC) and was selected to Commandant's list. -Attended one 30 day JRTC rotation prior to first deployment to Iraq.
501st MI BDE HHC
Technical Counterintelligence Special Agent
Serves as a Technical Counterintelligence Special Agent, conducting operations to help neutralize the threat to intelligence by Foreign Intelligence Services


(3 years)
Nov 2009 - Aug 2010
Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF)
Deployed as an Infantry Fire Team Leader as part of a Stryker brigade. Responsible for three soldiers. Operated/maintained one m4, one M240B LMG, and one M2 .50 caliber HMG. Served as Vehicle Commander for one Stryker Infantry Carrier Vehicle with M2 .50 caliber Heavy Machine Gun. Conducted route security & mounted/dismounted presence patrols.
Sep 2007 - Oct 2008
Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF)
Deployed as an Infantry Fire Team Leader responsible for three soldiers. Operated/maintained one M4 carbine, one M500 shotgun, and one M2 .50 cal MG. Deployed as part of "The Surge." Conducted Mounted/Dismounted presence patrols and route security throughout Kirkuk/ Iraq and the surrounding areas.
Aug 2005 - Jul 2006
Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF)
Infantry Rifleman/Driver/M203 Gunner Duties included operating and maintaining one M16/M203 w/ bayonet, and one HMMWV in ground combat operations; Participated in a Military Training Team (MTT) that partnered with an Iraqi Army Battalion to train and patrol with as a force multiplier. Provided security for the referendum in Baghdad.

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Feb 2015

German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge (Silver)


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Structured Self Development (SSD) III

Jul 2014

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