SGT Mathew Husen

SGT Mathew Husen

Dates of Service: May 2001 - Jul 2011
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Military Experiences

Mar 2009 - Jul 2011
Squad Leader
Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic- Incharge of PMCS of vehicles, Master Driver, Unit NCOIC for 2 annual training. Incharge of unit support for ROTC training event at Ft. Lewis, WS. Gave admin support to unit detachments deploying or returning from deployment at Ft. McCoy WI.
Nov 2006 - Apr 2008
Civil Affairs NCOIC
HQ- Unit S-3, In charge of processing all Intel and information unit receives, Took part in mission planning, Conducted population estimates to plan humanitarian aid. In charge of projects such as water and irrigation and education. Kept all unit maps up to date, In charge of unit SITREP and 2nd BDE, 3rd ID S-9 SITREP, went on several missions to see first hand progress of projects in our AO. Coordinated with and provided support to State Dept. EPRT team.
Dec 2002 - May 2005
548th CSSB
Shop Foreman
MST 1- Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic, Major repairs HMMV's, PLS trucks,MTV's, 800 and 900 series 5tons, HEMTT's, Contact Support. Assistant shop Foreman andShop Foreman
Nov 2001 - Nov 2002
B Co
Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic
1/15 FA MST- Major Assembly repairs on hmmv's, LMTV's, 900 series 5 tons, 113A2's, 577's, M109's and FAASV's. Was also incharge of parts room. There was not a month I did not go to the field


(2 years, 5 months)
Apr 2007 - Apr 2008
Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF)
FOB Kalsu, Iraq/ The B CO. 426 CA S-3. Also In charge of Water and Irrigation, Education and Humanitarian aide in AO/Awarded MSM
May 2003 - Aug 2004
Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF)
Camp Arifjan, Camp Navistar Kuwait/514th Maint. CO. Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic/Awarded ARCOM

Academic Degrees

Academic Degrees

2016 - 2018

Blackhawk Technical College

Associate Degree, Electromechanical technology

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