SGM Patrick Kirby

SGM Patrick Kirby

Dates of Service: Apr 1968 - Jun 1988
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Leader / Scholar / Senior Executive / Change Agent/ Experienced Peacetime / Wartime Professional /Executive Coach / Problem Solver! Creative dynamic leader and senior executive with broad, extensive and diverse experience in all facets of educational / business / operations across diverse industries. A passionate and proven leader who excels in bringing people together to optimize opportunity.

Military Experiences

Jan 1988 - Jun 1988
Sergeant Major
Operations and Intelligence Sergeant Major, for HHB, 18th Airborne Field Artillery / XVIII Airborne Corps Artillery. During this time HHB operated as for both the Brigade and Corps Artillery.
May 1985 - Dec 1985
First Sergeant
First Sergeant of a unique nuclear capable artillery headquarter operating as such for both the Brigade and Corps Ariillery. During this period we were the most active jumping unit on Bragg.
Jan 1983 - May 1985
First Sergeant
At that time the Battalion was GS for the 3rd Armored Division and V Corps. We were an eight inch howitzer battalion and the first to field both TACFIRE and MLRS.
Jan 1983 - May 1985
1-40 FA
HHB First Sergeant
This was not generated by me: When I was HHB First Sergeant we were the baddest ass Artillery Unit in Europe, 8" and the first to field MLRS. 3rd Armored Division


(1 year, 6 months)
May 1969 - Oct 1970
Kagnew Station, Asmara, Ethiopia, now Eritrea . Those ays there were no satellites so COMMIT was had thru listening posts: supported SO missions from Udorn, Th.

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Apr 1978 - Jun 1979

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