SFC Fred Youngs

SFC Fred Youngs

Dates of Service: Jul 1974 - Jan 2010
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  • PVT Feb 74
  • PV2 Jul 74
  • PFC Mar 75
  • SPC Aug 75
  • SGT Jun 77
  • SSG Aug 83
  • SFC Jan 96

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Military Experiences

Sep 1978 - Feb 1983
Wh. Vehicle Tech. Insp.
Wh. Vehicle tech. Insp. for an Engr. Bde with 5 Bn.'s 6 German Labor Svc. Bn.'s across Germany. S-4 and S-4 Maint. Battle Staff. I was the S-4 and S-4 Maint. Rep. at Grafenwhoer Trng. area in preparation for Graf "82" Range Upgrade Project. Supervised Maint. on Ranges and in MotorPools throughout the Granfenwhoer Area of Operations. P/T Driver to the Bde. / Community Cdr. and Brigadier General for my last months Assigned to the Bde.
Jul 1977 - Sep 1978
Asst Motor Sgt
Assisted the Motor Sgt. in all Maint. and Shop Ops. and Platoon funcstions. Appointed as the DAES for the Company.
Mar 1976 - Jul 1977
Asst. Motor Sgt.
Assisted the Motor Sgt. in all Maintenance functions of the Battery. Assisted the Motor with the OJT Program.

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Individual & Special Skill Schools

Jan 1996 - Jun 1996

Track Vehicle Repairer

Sep 1974 - Oct 1974

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