CAPT David Bryant

CAPT David Bryant

Dates of Service: Feb 1974 - Jun 2001
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  • ENS Jul 74
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1998 - 2001
USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71)
Commanding Officer
Commanded sole U.S. aircraft carrier in combat over Kosovo, Operation Allied Force/Noble Anvil, Mar-Jul 1999. Over 6,000 aircraft launches and 3,000 combat sorties with no losses. Coordinated daily strike operations of all three NATO aircraft carriers in Noble Anvil, HMS Invincible, FNS Foch and MM Garibaldi. Commanded flawless combat operations over Iraq, Operation Southern Watch, Jul-Sep 1999. Achieved, once again, over two months of combat operations with no losses. Managed $125 million shipyard overhaul package, Jan-Jul 2000. Completed on time, under budget by $3 million, and lauded for outstanding material condition.
1996 - 1998
Commanding Officer
As Commanding Officer, led the first of a new class of $1.2 billion supply support ships through its maiden voyage winning acclaim as the most proficient of all support ships. Managed all aspects of support at sea for two aircraft carrier battle groups during deployments to the Mediterranean and North Arabian Gulf. Provided logistics support, fuel, ordnance, food and stores, to ships from Italy, Great Britain, New Zealand, and Germany; all operating in the combat zone for Operation Southern Watch. Met and surpassed all schedules and support tasking during a 6 month deployment to the Mediterranean and North Arabian Gulf. Recognized with the 1997 East Coast Battle “E”.
1994 - 1996
USS Enterprise (CVN-65)
Executive Officer
As Executive Officer, directly responsible to the Commanding Officer for the coordinated efforts of 17 Department Heads for all training and operations of a complement of over 5,000 personnel at sea. Completed on schedule a near $3+ billion Nuclear refueling and complex overhaul package of the USS Enterprise at 33 years of age, preparing her for 25 more years of combat employment. Initiated an Information Systems department coordinating employment of information gathering and distribution systems/personnel - since adopted by both East and West Coast aircraft carriers. Reenergized crew after 39 months of a major overhaul in Newport News Shipyard. Directed preparations for and execution of highly successful first Nuclear Operational Reactor Safeguards Exam in over 5 years.
1990 - 1993
Commanding Officer
As Commanding Officer, in charge of 34 pilots/officers & 235 maintenance personnel operating the F-14 Tomcat aircraft in all aspects of flight operations at sea from the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz. Led squadron during combat operation Desert Storm over Iraq. Recognized for outstanding performance with the 1993 West Coast Battle “E” & the Clifton award for best fighter squadron in the Navy. Re-introduced air-to-ground weapons in F-14 operations. First squadron in the Navy to prepare for and train to this new mission. This required building the supporting training infrastructure on the way. Initiated the Airborne Forward Air Control mission for direction of weapons delivery in the F-14. Eight years later this was the mission that brought success to Navy combat operations in Kosovo.

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