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PO3 Rod Arnold

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After I left the Navy, I worked for a Stn.Stl. sheet metal manufacturer in Ca. I used the training I received from the Navy, to secure that job. I spent the next 25 years as a Combination welder, welding-fabrication shop lead man, supervisor, and plant manager. Due to an accident, in 2001, I was left with two broken vertebrae, and after 3 failed back surgeries, I was unable to return to work.

Military Experiences

Feb 1972 - Jun 1975
USS Bristol County (LST-1198)
Repair shop supervisor. AFP Subic Bay PI.
I was assigned to the Nucleus crew of the Bristol County early in 1972 while she was still being completed. I had a great time meeting my new shipmates, and working with the Yardbirds while she was being completed. Commissioned in Aug. of 72, we headed off to our home port in Long Beach. Did the standard shake down cruise, and fleet training which was a pain in the arse. Went to Seal Beach to load all of our ordnance, than to Camp Pendleton in 73 to pick up our Marines, LVTs, Mules, and the rest of the're equipment. Were now on our way to Vietnam to off load the Marines. Stopped in Subic Bay, and after we'd been there for awile, I went TAD to the Armed Forces Police. Went through the academy training, and now started the daily night time patrols, either on base or in the city of Olongapo
Jun 1971 - Jun 1975
H/T 3
Plank Owner, USS Bristol County LST 1198. Spent 3 months assigned to the Nucleus Crew in San Diego, working with the Yardbirds getting the B.C. ready for Commissioning.


(1 year)
1973 - 1974
Repaired the things the Marines broke.(I love you guys) :-) Typical HT stuff. Worst job, was when we were done fireing our guns, we'd need to fix the cracks in the aluminum super structure, that ment mig welding in a harness, all the hot slag would find a way to my skin. I still have 2 nice scars on my chest. TAD to the AFP for about 1 year.

Military Credentials

Professional Development Schools

1972 - 1973

A & C school

1971 - 1973

Helicopter landing school, Damage Control school, NBC Warfare school, Fire Fighting school

Oct 1972

Helo Landing School, Imperial NAS

Individual & Special Skill Schools

1972 - 1973

Welding, Brazing, and Small boat school



High Pressure Pipe (super heated and nuclear)

Additional Specialization(s)
Security Clearance