SGT Michael Glenn

SGT Michael Glenn

Dates of Service: Mar 1984 - Oct 1992
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  • PVT Aug 84
  • PV2 Dec 84
  • PFC Feb 85
  • SPC Jun 86
  • SGT Apr 88

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I have met all goals for my life so not much I can list, I am happy with where I am!

Military Experiences

Jun 1990 - Oct 1992
Squad Leader
I was a Squad Leader, did some work as Unit armorer
Mar 1988 - Jun 1990
Squad Leader
Squad leader, Unit armorer
Aug 1986 - Mar 1988
C Co
Patrol Leader
I had many responsibilities while stationed in Korea, driver, Unit armorer, patrol leader was the best time I had in the Military and most memorable.
Sep 1984 - Aug 1986
A Co
I started out as assistant armorer , my mentor was SGT Escobedo, many fun times with this man, to include painting the arms room with polka dots and having to repaint it all over again. Eventually I took over as unit armorer.

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German (5/5)

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None / Expired

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