Lt Col Mitch Fadem

Lt Col Mitch Fadem

Dates of Service: Aug 1988 - Aug 2013
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Commissioning Source:  Direct Commission, Aug 1988

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I am a chemist/toxicologist with expertise in the area of chem/bio warfare defense and especially dangerous pathogens. After retiring from the Air Force I have been a consultant to DOD, DOE and military contractors. My specif area of interest now is medical decontamination from infectious diseases such as Ebola, MERS, SARS and other human and animal pathogens.

Military Experiences

Aug 2009 - Aug 2013
Biomedical Toxicologist
Wrote pandemic influenza training programs as well as contributed to BW defense training at the Defense Nuclear Weapons School. Sent to USARNORTH to represent USAF to write pandemic flu response plans for NORTHCOM. Deployed to Afghanistan in 2010.
Sep 2007 - Aug 2009
Division Chief, C-CBRNE
Division Chief for Special Missions. Coordinated all counter chem/bio/rad/nuke/explosives activities for the Air Force in the Washington DC area. Had a staff of 10. Also took a short term assignment with DIA for the JIOC at PACOM, HI during the SARS outbreak.
Jan 2005 - Aug 2007
349 AES
Biomedical Toxicologist
Command BATT, Biological Augmentation Forward Deployed Team to test for biological weapons releases. Also functioned as Medical Intel Officer. Deployed to Afghanistan in 2007.
Jul 2002 - Jan 2005
Det 2
Biomedical Toxicologist
SME for CBW defense technology programs related to the operational testing of new defense technologies for the Air Force.


(5 years, 7 months)
Feb 2010 - Dec 2010
Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) - Afghanistan
Worked as a chem/bio warfare agent SME and served as the Chief Toxicologist to the Chief Medical Advisor to the NATO Commander at ISAF HQ, Kabul, Afghanistan. Worked under both Generals McChrystal and Petraeus. Took special assignment to investigate poisoning of school girls by the Taliban and poisonings of both Coaliti and Afghan military force.
Oct 2009 - Jan 2010
Ft Sam Houston, TX
Worked as a Pandemic Influenza Planner for NORTHCOM at the USAR North HQ at Ft Sam Houston, San Antonio, TX.
Oct 2008 - Sep 2009
Andrews AFB, Md
Assigned as the Division Chief for Counter-CBRNE and Special Missions at the Air Force District of Washington, Andrews AFB, MD. I also took a short term assignment in June of that year as an infectious disease SME for DIA at the JIOC, Ford Island, Hawaii.
Sep 2007 - May 2008
Kirtland AFB, NM
Worked at the Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center at Kirtland, AFB as a chem/bio SME.

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German, Spanish, Russian (4/4)

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Top Secret/SCI or higher

Academic Degrees

Academic Degrees

Kent State University

Bachelor's Degree, Biochemistry

University of Vienna, Austria

Master's Degree, Linguistics and Music