SGT(P) Harry Clyde Jr.

SGT(P) Harry Clyde Jr.

Dates of Service: Jun 1990 - Aug 2010
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  • PVT Jun 90
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Supply Technician with 21 years supply experience,16 years Active Army 5 Civilian in section, company, batallion, brigade level supply ops. Served in Airborne, Spec. Ops,Infantry, Armor, AirDefense, JRTC OPsGRP and OPFOR type units as a soldier. Infantry and Marine as a civilian. Positions include Supply Clerk, Sergeant, Section Chief,Shop Forman,Plt.SGT,Asst. NCOIC, Supply Tech. & Armorer. Born in Clarion Pa. to a Vietnam Vet/National Guard 2Lt father, now retired from the military and post office and a college student mother who is a medically retired civil servant. They now live in Arizona. I have one younger brother who is a pilot in the AirForce and holds a Phd in education. Raised in Levittown, a Philly Suburb, and Philadelphia Pa. Graduated HighSchool in 1990 where I participated in the schools, Marching, Concert and Jazz bands as a Trumpeter and F Horn Player. Grew up loving the outdoors starting at a young age in boy scouts. Played organized and disorganized Street, Roller and Dek hockey. Played 4 years in little league to include Babe Ruth terribly. Traveled to Spain Portugal and Morrocco on the same trip with the family at 12. Left for Army Artillery OSUT 4 days after highschool graduation and Retired from the Army after 20 years in 2010. Have been working as a Supply Tech, DA Civilian,on FT Benning for 5 years. Been with my girl for 22 years, married for 18 of them. Our interests are very similar, love of the outdoors, being musicians though we're taking a break, strange sense of humor and many other things. We're also odd since im an introvert shes an extrovert. We have 3 kids, Two highschool teen boys and one precosious diva of a Jr High Girl. All three were brought up in the out doors only weeks old on hiking and camping trips. I have a love of the outdoors whether hiking, camping, music festivals, backpacking, walking or just sitting. Gives a sense of relief. I enjoy reading, mostly history but some action horror and adventure. I always have a book with me. This started at a young age. I also like old houses, vehicles and towns. Something about the past, the simplicity facinates me. It saddens me to see an old vehicle house or building destroyed. The past wiped away. Im not into politics. Ill leave it at that. I also like to work on my own vehicles house appliances etc. The satisfaction of doing it yourself is a boost. I also volunteer with a local charity, House of Heros, working on vets houses that financially, physically or other reasons cant work on they're homes. We rescue animals, to include people some times, We have 4 dogs, 3 cats and a 25 year old cockatiel that was my grand mothers. Though on a hiatus I play the trumpet, FHorn, Relearning Guitar and started to learn the bass. I enjoy smoking my pipe while reading and relaxing. Its rare you wont see me with out one. My Philosophy is if life knocks you down get back up and smile in the face of adversity and carry on. Life is too short and what you make of it. Goals: Kids graduate and get out of the house, go to school, retire from federal service, through hike pine mountain and later the AT with my wife, payoff the house, Join the Peace Corp. Bounce around Camp Hosting. When it comes to my life, im not old, hell Im just warming up!

Military Experiences

Sep 2006 - Jul 2010
1-507 PIR
Supply Sergeant (S4)
HHC Company Supply Sergeant for the Airborne School. Duties included the supply, issue, turn in, and aquisition of all, supplies, equipment and repair parts for all 3 main branches of the school, Ground, Tower and Jump. Also supplied the Schools Maintenance Section with materials and repair/replacement parts for the training aparatuses. Requisitioned and recevied training equipment and supplies for the Jumpmaster and Pathfinder Courses to include assisting in the aquisition, transport and placement of the wingless fuselage of a C130 for Jumpmaster training. Was company key custodian and Hazmat material handler. Was responsible for the maintenance and supply of the holdover and separate cadre barracks. Was the company's Government purchase card holder. Was the Handreceipt Custodian for 12 Sub Hand Receipts. Was responsible for the change over and turn in of the company's ULLS-S4 system to PBUSE. Handled the turn in of military,personal gear and equipment and at times mailing of personal items of at least 40 Dropped from Rolls or confined soldiers. Was responsible for the training, health and welfare of 1 soldier. Moved the Company and barracks without loss or damage to equipment, furniture and supplies on two separate occasions. Earned Canadian and German parachutists wings.
Jan 2006 - Sep 2006
Supply NCO
Supply NCO for S4 Section of 1 HHC, 2 Infantry Line Company and 1 Cavalry Troop Opposing Force Batallion Airborne of the Joint Readiness Training Center. Duties included inventory management, issue, turn in and ordering of conventional and unique uniforms and equipment for OPFOR unit. Bulk issues of equipment, In character resupply missions during rotations. Additional duties included BN FLIPL Management and Transportation Coordinator. Actively participated in field as OPFOR during 2 Unit Rotations (Field Name-Jawad Anees, Code Name-Sherlock). Led 10 man team of Supply, Cooks, Mechanics and Personnel OPFOR soldiers during 1 WLC 7 day Field Problem posing as villagers/Jihadists against at least 80 students culminating in last evening final battle where Student CP was taken with many losses on Blufor side and 8 losses on OPFOR. It was the first successful capture by OPFOR in over a year. WLC Requested same team to be used for next class. Arranged and monitored transportation of OPFOR assets for 2 Mobile Training Teams to Offsite locations. Managed maintenance of GSA and non GSA owned civilian vehicles and ATVs used in field as OPFOR technicals and normal operations.
Sep 2002 - Jan 2006
Supply NCO and less than a year later Shop Forman. At two points Assistant NCOIC till slot could be properly filled of a 10-13 soldier S4 section that supported the JRTC Operations Group Observer Controler Divisions both in the field and in garrison. Section was brigade level S4 and Supply and Transport section combined. As Assistant NCOIC, a SFC Position, duties included assisting the NCOIC in the planning of supply/ resupply ops during unit rotations, Group Staff Meetings, In charge of section in lieu of OIC/NCOIC. As Shop Forman was in charge of the Day to day operations of the section along with the progression, training and health and welfare of at one point 2 NCOS and 8 soldiers. Had oversite, knowledge and could operate all section operations which included contracting, Government Purchase Card aquisitions, class I, II, III, IV, V, and IX supply and resupply ops, GSA vehicle aquisition and dispatching. All transportation organizing for local and MTT operations, Maintenance and resupply of 3 Observer Controller Rest and Resupply sites. Maintenance of 3 GSA Vehicles and 8 military vehicles with one tanker trailer and 3 water trailers. Individual tasks included construction work orders. This task included review write up,logging, tracking and oversight of construction projects, face to face meetings with project managers for work order requests within the group foot print to include the building of 2 new Division work sites replacing smaller inadequate sites and 2 offsites at O/C hills for better field operations, installation of modern fueling site at one O/C hill replacing previously used pre-staged fueling truck. GPC card holder, Section Primary Hand Receipt Holder and ULLS-S4 operator, Maintenance tracker, section rotational oporder writer, Report of Survey/FLIPL tracking and review. DPAS operation in lieu or assistance of civilian supply techs and PBO. Participated as Logistics Liason/ Supply for 2 Mobile Training Teams. One at Ft Drum and one at Ft Hood. Participated as Supply/ Logistics Liason for first Stryker Brigade Rotation.
Aug 2000 - Aug 2002
C Co
Supply Sergeant (S4)
Typical Supply duties for an M1A1 Tank company. Was responsible for the Health and welfare of one soldier. Prepped and participated in 2 gunnery deployments to Grafenweir, 2 homestation gunneries, 3 combat prep deployments to Hohenfels and 1 major deployment to Kosovo. Primary job on deployments was advon to set up accounts, sign for equipment and run Logpacs. Was also responsiblev for 1 5 ton truck and 1 water trailer. Was awarded AAM twice in Kosovo for participation and one for passing a difficult major inspection. Received 3 rd AAM for duties performed in garrison and passing of a major division supply inspection. Was Headquarters Platoon Sergeant for one month in charge of two other NCOs and 12 soldiers, 2 M1A1s, 1 M113, 1 5ton truck, 2 humvees and 1 water trailer. Was relieved due to position being filled by newly arrived SSG.


(1 year, 2 months)
Nov 2000 - Jun 2001
Kosovo ribbon
Was ADVON 2 to 3 weeks prior to Tank Companys arrival to Camp Montieth. Setting up accounts, barracks assignments etc. Primary duties were running the supply office, morning Logpacks to off sites, Monestary and Eagles nest. Most memorable moments. 1. Taking a pool table at XMAS to the Eagles Nest while it was snowing. 2. Accident in a Hummer.
Nov 1990 - Apr 1991
Southwest asia ribbon
Operation Desert Shield/Storm
Operation Desert Shield/Storm Artilleryman (13B) M102 (105mm) C 1/319 AFAR 82nd ABD. Was part of Advon for 3 weeks in Saudi Arabia with brigade elements scouting positions closer to border just before Desert Storm Kicked off. Assaulted with Division into Iraq via CH47 courtesy of 101st ABN with Gun Sections (3rd) piece swinging under it.

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Eureka Supply System( DPAS)

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