Sgt Dale Cusack

Sgt Dale Cusack

Dates of Service: Jul 1966 - Jul 1970
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  • AB Jul 66
  • Amn Jul 66
  • A1C Aug 67
  • Sgt Mar 68

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Currently fully retired, will be putting my efforts into traveling and supporting the veterans organizations I belong to, previously managed a data processing client support staff for the past 33+ years. Develop systems to help local and state authorities process and collect violation and court orders in the United States and internationally. Certified as a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt.

Military Experiences

Jun 1969 - Jun 1970
Ground Radio Operator
Provided ground radio communications and trained for rapid deployment duty. Assigned to operation Brass Strike war games at Ft Bragg providing ground communications for a forward air base. Earned an Air Force Good Conduct Medal during this assignment.
May 1968 - Jun 1969
729 ACS
Ground Radio Operator
On return from Philippine assignment, is was sent to combat school, a little late but late is better than not at all I guess. Participated in tests of new back pack radio and a new digital messaging system (DMES) for forward air control. As part of the DMED device we deployed to Viet Nam for field testing and earned 2 more campaign stars for the Viet Nam Service Medal. Rank was re-designated as Sergeant by the Air Force during this assignment.
Nov 1966 - May 1968
Ground Radio Operator
Provide ground communication support for teams deployed throughout South East Asia. Promoted from Airman 3rd class to Airman 2nd class and finally to Airman 1st class during this period. Deployed to S
Aug 1966 - Oct 1966
Ground Radio Operator Trainee
Trained as ground radio operator for air traffic control and general communications.


(10 months)
Sep 1969
Pope AFB, NC
Support of Operation Brass Strike war games.
May 1969
Tyndall AFB, FL
Deployed for rapid response training.
Sep 1968 - Nov 1968
Vietnam ribbon
Vietnam War
Deployed to Don Tam South Viet Nam for field tests of DMES forward air control system with 9th Infantry Division.
Feb 1968 - Apr 1968
South korea
South Korea
Deployed to Suwon AB South Korea to provided voice, teletype and facsimile communications in support of deployment for seizure of USS Pueblo by North Korea.