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My life has been filled with broad and intense experiences requiring bold decision making and a hands-on approach to problem solving, leadership, mentorship and counseling for others. I have many years of experience in multiple areas of interest such as, Health Science’s, Trainer, Marketing. I have been fortunate to have achieved many various goals in my life which has broadened my horizon.

Military Experiences

Mar 2009 - Present
139th RTI
Course Manager
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Manage and supervise the operation of the course to ensure the course content is presented in a professional manner, all required resources are available for conduct of course, staff and faculty are trained, certified and qualified to present the training, continuously evaluate the course for effectiveness and efficiency, ensure staff, faculty and students comply with safety and environmental protection rules and regulations, laws and course requirements. Counsel with other employees to identify strong and weak areas in order to improve performance.
Aug 2007 - Aug 2009
189th IN BDE
Coach, teach and mentor deploying Soldiers using my experience to provide a quality training environment enhancing the overall readiness of the unit for success in theater. Serve as the officer in charge of range operations, providing marksmanship training on various weapon systems and overall range control in a safe and effective manner.
Aug 2006 - Aug 2007
105th EN
PSD Team Leader
Prepare and present oral and written briefings, reports analyses and recommendations to senior managers. Effectively communicate team strategies, goals, objectives, work plans to effect the safe transport of command staff and VIP's, as needed, throughout area of operations in central and Northern Iraq while also supervising the training, counseling, and professional development of all team members.