2LT Ronald Reimer

2LT Ronald Reimer

Dates of Service: Aug 1987 - Mar 2001
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  • PVT Aug 87
  • PV2 Sep 88
  • PFC May 89
  • SPC Sep 89
  • SGT Nov 90
  • SSG Nov 92
  • 2LT Jan 99
Commissioning Source:  OCS, Jan 1999

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I'm not really a "railway car repairer", however that does sound pretty cool. I was a 65D, Physician Assistant. I can't find any MOS # for that. Not sure where the error is, but I'll stick with Railway Car Repairer for now. I've worked as a physician assistant for the past 19 years, 18 of them being in the ER.

Military Experiences

Aug 1988 - Aug 1991
532nd SIG
Training NCO
Train, test and certify soldiers assigned to station in CPR. Operate, troubleshoot and repair strategic microwave radio systems.

Military Credentials

Professional Development Schools
Individual & Special Skill Schools

Ended in Jun 1995

Ended in Sep 1988

Circuit conditioning

Security Clearance

Academic Degrees

Academic Degrees

2000 - 2001

University of Nebraska System, Higher Education

Master's Degree, Master's of Physician Assistant Studies

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