Capt Phil Williams

Capt Phil Williams

Dates of Service: Aug 1965 - Nov 1977
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  • Pvt Sep 65
  • PFC Mar 66
  • LCpl Oct 66
  • Cpl Apr 67
  • 2ndLt Jun 71
  • 1stLt Dec 72
  • Capt Jan 76
Commissioning Source:  USNA, Jun 1971

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After my Discharge in 1977 as an AAV Officer, I could not find a job needing those skills. After job fairs and a stack of rejection letters, I went in a different direction. I accepted a job as a COBOL programmer where the 80-col punch-card was king. With a COBOL Made Easy book as my guide I made the transition. My military experience helped me move up and 30 yrs later I retired as a Dept Mgr. In Nov 1977 I started at Georgia State University as an entry level COBOL programmer. In 1978 I started managing the Institutional Support applications but in 1990 I exclusively managed the Library applications which ran on a Univac 1100 and were written in COBOL. In 1997 started to oversee the USG Library System from the technical side. Worked with both hardware and software vendors for purchases and upgrades. And coordinated their intallation

Military Experiences

May 1976 - Aug 1977
Academic Instructor
Taught Materials Mgt and Personnel Admin to 1st and 2nd Class Midn. Developed Type I Diabetes (recently associated with Agent Orange exposure) and given a Medical Discharge. Worked for then Major Walt Boomer (later Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps 1992-94) who headed the Management Department.
Sep 1965 - Aug 1977
Together We Served - Military Story
DD-214: 8 June 1971 as Corporal, USMC DD-214: 20 August 1977 as Captain, USMC Together We Served links: 'Normal Shadow Box View' can be viewed at URL: 'Reflections Shadow Box View' can be viewed at URL: Timeline can be viewed at URL:
Jan 1976 - Apr 1976
Headquarters Commandant
War game referees for US Marines and ROK/Filipino Marines.
May 1975 - Jan 1976
Executive Officer


(4 months)
May 1966 - Aug 1966
Vietnam ribbon
Vietnam War
Heavy equipment operator with the 9th Engineer Battalion, FMF. Medical Discharge 1977 - Diabetes from Agent Orange exposure while in Viet Nam, plus cardiovascular problems (open heart by-pass surgery

Military Credentials

Professional Development Schools

Jul 1971 - Feb 1972

The Basic Course - Basic Class 1-72

Sep 1965 - Nov 1965

Parris Island - Platoon 183, Delta Company, 1st Bn

Individual & Special Skill Schools

Feb 1974

Basic Landing Force Planning - Cdr Amphib Force Pacific Fleet

Nov 1973

Unit Discussion Leaders Course - KMCAS

Feb 1973

Maintenance Management 2010/2149 - Camp Pendleton

Mar 1972 - Apr 1972

Amphibian Vehicle Officer Course 3-72 - Camp Pendleton


Nov 1975

Personnel Reporting for MMS and REPMIS - MCI

Nov 1975

Corrections - MCI

May 1975

Accounting for Operating Budgets - MCI

Jul 1974

SASSY Organic Procedures - MCI

Foreign Language Skills


German (1/1+)

Additional Specialization(s)
Security Clearance
None / Expired