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Dates of Service: Jun 1959 - Jun 1962
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Telecommunications career spent in identifying problem sources and their appropriate resolutions. This ranged from troubleshooting early in the work to selecting issues that impacted across client businesses and designing solutions to improve business operations. 27 1/2 years in what was the Bell System in assignments from test center management to IT support. Early retirement followed by 10 years of consulting service across the US and foreign client bases - identifying issue sources and making recommendations for problem resolution. Language varied, but the problems were almost all the same, regardless of where the client was located.

Military Experiences

Jun 1960 - Jun 1962
Radar Repairer
Radar units in need of help were few to none, so I was the de facto admin support on TDY teams. We typically spent 10 months a year in support of various exercises - the unit at 141 warm bodies had 6th Army as its next highest echelon. Made for some interesting times when our small team(s) reported to the TDY location for rations and quarters and were viewed as fodder for duty rosters. Usually only took one phone call from higher HQ to disabuse the local folks and thereby let us get on with our designated Signal Corps work.


(4 months)
Dec 1961 - Mar 1962
Provide Depot level support for signal requirements. 56th Sig Co (FSM) was sent TDY from Ft Ord. Big hurry, so we went MSTS. Went home. No rush, so we flew.

Military Credentials

Individual & Special Skill Schools

Sep 1959 - Jun 1960

Radar Repair

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None / Expired

Academic Degrees

Academic Degrees

1980 - 1983

Regis University - Denver

Bachelor's Degree, Technical Management

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