SFC Derrick Hardison
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SFC Derrick Hardison

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  • PVT
  • PV2
  • PFC Sep 92
  • SPC Jul 96
  • SGT Dec 98
  • SSG Apr 04
  • SFC Aug 09


I was a Senior Supply Sergeant (BN S4 NCOIC) in a Military Police Battalion, S4 NCOIC at 1-410th FA REGT TS BN, Squadron S4 NCOIC at 4-6 ACS. I am pursuing a career in Health Care Compliance and Regulations at Arizona State University at the downtown Phoenix campus. Veteran of OJE, OJG, OJF, OIF 2, OIF 07-09. Held MOS' 88N, 77F(92F), and 92Y. Spent most of my career in Cavalry Units.
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