SPC Ken Harper

SPC Ken Harper

Dates of Service: Nov 1985 - Feb 1989
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Currently serving as Veteran Services Officer for Pope County. Just went to the Joint Services Transcript site and checked on my 1980s Navy & Army service to see what it is worth, academically. Surprised to find all that stuff is worth 39 hours towards an associate degree.

Military Experiences

Jun 1986 - Feb 1989
230th MP
1986 - 1989
Stationed on ROB, worked the road out of USFPS between the FD and bowling alley. Participated in ReForGer '87 & '88. BN was at Manheim when Douglas was BC. One security mission in Lux for a week was great. One trip to Spain with 2nd Plt for a training week to relax, also great. Was home on leave when the Italian air demo team crashed at Ramstein. Everyone at 230th, on or off duty, was bussed to Ramsetin to help. Patrol sector was all of Ksln county, and an occasional trip to the FR/Ger border on boring nights. Satellite views show it has all really changed since the mid-late 80s.


(4 years)
1979 - 1983
Western Pacific
Flight Deck A/C director, then became Tradevman TD3. Made 2 WesPac Cruises, first was during Iranian Hostage Crisis. During 2nd cruise, rescued small boat loaded with Vietnamese citizens. One young boy went on to become RA officer.

Military Credentials

Individual & Special Skill Schools

Started in Nov 1987

Traffic Accident Investigations Course @ Vilsek

Started in Feb 1986

MP School @ Ft. "McMuffin", AL

Security Clearance

Personal Information

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