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*A work in progress* I began my time in the Army with prior college education through a technical school so I came in as a PFC. I enlisted as a 74D, CBRN soldier and went to Fort Riley where I spent about three months in a line unit before being moved up to BDE. I deployed as a PFC and served as the BDE CBRN NCOIC, and ran the BDE Arms room and Supply room with another PFC. That was quite an experience. I have since reclassed to a 12Y, Geospatial Engineer, and after getting back from some classes at Ft Hood received an email telling me I have been DA Selected for recruiting duty so that is my next assignment for the foreseeable future. I am currently taking college classes for a bachelor’s degree in Forensic Computer Science with a minor in Counter Terrorism. I would like to work for a three letter agency after doing my 20 years, preferably the NSA.